Haste Rating are all quite same in terms of electricity

  • For Frost Death Knights 263 Hit Rating (8%) is the minimum amount required to ensure attacks with abilties continuously hit. The capabilities Nerves of Cold Steel and the Draenei passive Heroic Presence reduce the hit rating needed from equipment via 3% and 1% respectively.

    Hit Rating is still an vital stat above the precise attack cap, developing it to higher thresholds may decorate damage.

    446 Hit Rating (17%) for added AoE spell damage from Howling Blast 885 Hit Rating (27%) for off-hand vehiclemobile attacks.

    The Expertise Cap that Frost Death Knights need at the manner to in no way have a cappotential be dodged or parried is 26 (6.5% or 214 Expertise Rating). Wielding the weapon that corresponds with the beneathneath racial inclinations will reduce the amount of information needed:

    Critical Strike Rating, Armor Penetration, and Haste Rating are all quite same in terms of electricity, with crit developing spell and melee damage, ArPen developing melee damage, and Haste improving melee damage and developing the frequency of activating Killing Machine.

    Apply every ailments, Frost Fever and Blood Plague cheap WoTLK Gold, on all goals with Icy Touch and Plague Strike and hold them during the fight with Pestilence with Glyph of Disease geared up. Having the ones continuously on the aim hugely improves the damage of Obliterate. Cast Obliterate to generate Runic Power Cast Frost Strike even as Killing Machine activates or to spend extra Runic Power. Cast Howling Blast even as Rime activates. Cast Blood Strike or Pestilence to convert Blood Runes into Death Runes with the capabilities Blood of the North.