The July update has been posted in Lost Ark

  • The Jukebox Song "Consolation" is now available for Lost Ark Gold all players to use for their Strongholds! This special song was previously presented to players from all over the world in March as an official Launch Gift to celebrate the Lost Ark's global launch. Now that it's been announced that the Jukebox feature is now available on the Western version, we're excited to be able to share it with you! Thank you for your continuous dedication to Lost Ark and the world of Arkesia.

    The Alarm Settings menu has been fixed and will now function in the manner intended.Fixed an issue that caused the current channel wasn't shown on the channel selector.The Arcanist's Emperor Gem is now obtainable.Updated the description for different Steam achievements to reflect the way they are obtained.Jukebox soundtracks will play perfectly when playing the Korean Vo Pack DLC.Gold granted when using an purchased Powerpass will now be subject to a 3-day time limit before becoming usable.The Weekly Rapport Chest was temporarily removed from the in-game marketplace due an unintended issue that the item.


    The July update has been posted in Lost Ark , which introduces the Arcanist and the Punika Powerpass , which allows the player to immediately raise a character up to level 1302, or an Express Event as well as new difficulties that are suited to the Valtan League Raid, and more. still cheap Lost Ark Gold. Now, through the roadmap at the official website Amazon Games communicates the new contents that will arrive with the updates of August and September.

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