I think it goes to the background

  • Now in terms of add-ons I've come across let's look at WoTLK Gold what I'm using so you can actually see now I just want to mention that some of these add-ons are separate from the class folder so the only ones I'd like to be aware of are those that I've set to be ticked. Artfully back brava. I don't really need that she saw we can turn off bag non and this bag is what allows me to open my bag later tricks plus an amazing I'm not sure I'd be able to play without this bottle's user interface. This is what makes all things dark Omni CC.

    This is a similar countdown timer that you could use however it's completely optional. can choose to use it or you can simply tick the feature on your interface to play this is what displays my enemies' health bar. There are many options make it a module Kaspar questi This is my quest add-on that shows everything on the map , as well as Six Sigma.

    In addition, I have records , which is the only thing I've got to create this in order to create this complete UI. So first up, let's look at maps bikes. So how do I get my map bike there when we visit the interface Adams and then click sexy map we can see every option. Now what I've got here is that I think I'm using a the faded square accent. I don't think it's the one I'm using now, so you can observe.

    So this is an old-fashioned square, and I just like it I think it looks good. I think it goes to the background and it's the only thing I've done. It's obvious what the minimum 60 map permits you to place it in the desired location and make it secure once, so that I can't keep moving it It's true that buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold you could rotate the map but I prefer it the way it is because of in the present and yet I just literally by that I don't really have anything else.