You can get to the death that are on the east

  • The tundras trackers shoulder guards are equipped with WoTLK Gold attack power and speed, and they have agility and stamina , and then tundra pauldrons that have strength, stamina as well as dodge defense, and some good block power for your shield. The quests in on the Nexus however it is worth tackling them cold and do at least one run through the Nexus even if it's not for XP and the reputation. The gear is decent too.

    If you can get to the death that are on the east side of Borean Tundra you'll be able to complete an quest to find the Phylactery. This will eventually lead to final rituals. The last rites will reward you with an amazing set of gear, but be aware that it's an open-ended quest so you'll likely need assistance, but it will reward you with excellent weapons, like AXA frozen death, which is an item that is free.

    AI level that has stamina and hit crit strength. Korean smasher is a fantastic first weapon that has attack power and an armor pen tower that is the infinity of mind . It comes with spell power and crit hit an attractive haste spell power staff that has in spirit and stamina FURY OF RAGING Dragon, which is an excellent weapon with the ability to hit attack as well as stamina, agility and lastly Fang of the soul that is desolate with attack and crit power. This is a great weapon for rogues. 1.8 speed. It's an easy quest line, but it's worthwhile to do. It's worth noting that it is Alliance only.

    It's the Horde version. The original version is quite a lengthy tale because it's known as Hello Screams Champion. You'll be taken to the broken Calais village once more, as it's at the end of different quest chains . You'll get it from Garrosh Hellscream and you'll be required to return to the Tong Calais village again to give it back and receive the same weapons that we've just seen from final rites of buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold the Alliance.