We have a number of gray objects from the farm itself

  • I'm not sure what the reason is, as it's a very WoTLK Gold good farm. Let's look at the outcomes of the farm along with what to anticipate to get and a little more about the farm itself. So I'll show you some clips I've made for this video, but first I'll show you how we're developing here. In this case, we're pulling all of the basic elements that you observe here. If you're a young kid like me, you could be able to make huge elite pools right here. there's a plethora of fire elementals a pool each.

    Popstar fall under GG. So you pull all the way down here by all water elementals and you will find even more water elementals down here . Just create a circle. Then pull down and then return to where we were. And farm again, in the case of going up here, you'll also get air elemental , so you can also use it as a farmers air elemental for everlasting air when you want to mix the two elements in your farm. In this way, by combining all these elementals, the air one on the elements of water as well as the ones from fire you will definitely never be short of mobs.

    But once again, if you choose to do so, you'll be able to simply jump between layers. Right now there are several layers with similar features. In any case it's a great farm. So for the results when I've been down for about an hour the following is the way my bags appear. This is all the vendor these items are gray therefore, you should see how much gold you can find in one second.

    So we have a number of gray objects from the farm itself. There are three I think 344 green items along with a lot of gray Venerables. Form greens and the rest are outweighs, and we'll be able to see the amount of undervalue that is in a minute. There were also three external fires and an additional crystallized one in addition, and when you have to turn on the water in addition to eight crystallized P2Pah WoTLK Classic water. In all, we received 32 cobalt ore therefore, if you mine, this will be even more valuable for you.