Fut 23:It was recently announced that Mwepu

  • A new Silver Stars card will also be made available, so  FIFA 23 Coins take care to get it done and gone so that you don't need to be concerned about it for the rest time of this week.Aside from this, it's likely to be a calm day for fresh FIFA 23 content, so finish all the goals, and qualify for FUT Champions if you intend to apply!

    Weekend League starts at the usual time of 3am ET/ 8am BST and will run until Saturday, October 17 at 3am ET/8am BST, so make sure that you're qualified should you decide to join.

    The Road to the Knockouts will end with the Rulebreakers promotion leaked to take over in the regular time of 1pm ET/ 6 PM BST.Rulebreakers card will substitute for RTTK one in packs, with players from the new event appearing through Objectives or SBC too.If you've qualified for Weekend League then your day is going to be full of that.

    You should aim to earn 51 points, because the rewards are much greater after that point upward.Other than that, player goals will depend on where you are spending your time, competing in Squad Battles to earn better rewards on Sundays.

    Teams Battle prizes will be made available at 3am ET at 3am ET or 8am BST The timing could be very valuable If you've been playing them to meet player objectives.Again this is an additional day full of Weekend League and player objectives including Squad Battles and Division Rivals.

    The Rulebreakers Mini Release might also release at 1pm ET or at 6pm BST and add a few players to the packs, and the possibility that an additional player arrives via objectives as well.

    Enock Mwepu is among the most promising youngsters in FIFA 23, and the younger African footballer is currently on the books from Brighton & Hove Albion. There was a sad moment on the horizon earlier when it was announced that Mwepu would be retiring from football at the age of 24.

    It was recently announced that Mwepu has a rare heart condition that might make the situation very deadly if he is allowed to play at the professional stage. The news was confirmed by multiple sources FUT 23 buy Coins earlier on October 10 and has sent shockwaves throughout the entire community.