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  • Hello everyone, today I'll share the investments I made in Wrath of the Lich King Phase WOTLK Gold one of the pre patch. I started with one of the initial servers. The goal was to collect a lot of gold in order to start investing early and hopefully make huge profits. Therefore, I've decided to invest in all my gold. We're talking about 20.000 Gold.

    So what I did as I was leveling my character to add was simply to send some gold to the top of my character and a gold shirt. This gold was invested into various materials. These are all I'll be sharing with you today in this video. The first material unvested gold into what's the Arctic to be able to explain why this is because right now, I don't feel like they're all that expensive.

    As time passes, more players will be aware of the need to create different levels at epic costs and in the event of chance and also to raise the game. There is an increased supply due to the fact that lots of players are getting leveled compared to demand. However, when it comes time to prepare for the forthcoming prices, you will also see more people purchasing these incredible items, and consequently the price for the Arctic bird will rise as well.

    What I've learnedWhat is up guys, It's the boy from Solum returning in a new Wrath of the Lich King classic video. If you're aware of what time you're at, it's my most favorite time of year. It's a league season baby. We have a brand new team leader we'll be discussing today. This one concerns not just face to face and face to Earth classic. Additionally, I'm thinking of one of the launchers and games, and different leaks and release dates for games in general.

    We'll be talking about that. Before that, however, I recently came up with a prediction of my own on one face to was coming out. And in the video, I talked about two possible scenarios: one being in the middle of December, or perhaps the beginning of December, and the other one being like mid-January but they can buy WOW WOTLK Classic Gold also push it into February. Thus, they have three or two choices for this.