Mmoexp Mut 23 :I played through the entire mode

  • If you have played any of the recent Madden titles, then you are all MUT 23 ltds too familiar with the "MyPlayer" type mode that sees you take the role of an upcoming talent before directing his path to the NFL. That mode is back in Madden 23 with Face of the Franchise, and if you have played this mode before, this year's version will feel eerily similar in most respects.

    Face of the Franchise allows you to choose a position, choose your strengths, and decide what type of skills will allow your player to shine. I chose quarterback as it gave me the best option to have an instant impact both at the college and pro level. As many of you know, your character starts out as a five-star high school recruit, and the game allows you to choose from a list of colleges that want you. This list is the same as seen in Madden 23, but still, you have high-caliber schools to pick from in the form of Clemson, Oklahoma, LSU, and others.

    I have always enjoyed the collegiate aspect of this mode, but even then, it feels a bit tacked on and contrived, and the enjoyment comes from the fact that we as digital football fans were stripped away from any true collegiate experience with the removal of the Madden nfl series.

    I played through the entire mode well into my NFL career, and for me, Face of the Franchise feels mundane and tedious to get through at this point. My biggest issue is it focuses on a story mode that really has no density to it and felt like I was just along for the ride. (Also, I am doing my best to keep details out of this as to not ruin the experience for others.)

    My list of issues doesn't stop there, as I chose to be a QB and was drafted by, of all teams, the Jacksonville Jaguars. The same team that suffered through a horrendous 2023 campaign to have the right to buy mut coins madden 23  select former Clemson standout, Trevor Lawrence, as their star QB of the future.