Every Game And Expansion In The Diablo Series, Ranked

  • Diablo is just one of video gaming's biggest series and Blizzard's most widely used intellectual properties. Many RPGs nowadays still attempt to recapture that hack-and-slash nature of those classic games because the gameplay is second-to-none. Gamers have repeatedly played Diablo and it is sequels, as evidenced by a bevy of expansions and re-releases.

    But how can you stratify the series? Diablo spans several decades, but for the most part, they are all great games having a couple you need to find a mod for to repair a few things. Be warned though, if you're likely to sink a while into Diablo games, you're likely to find yourself playing these entries, a great deal.

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    8. Diablo Immortal

    Diablo Immortal may well be a sign of the days, as Blizzard Activision turned among their most beloved series right into a mobile cash cow. While the game got very good reviews in 2022, it's been criticized for implementing microtransactions.

    This was "immortalized" famously once the game was announced at BlizzCon in 2018, and fans booed once they heard it might be released on Android and iOS rather than PC. The game continues to be described as fun, especially having a Backbone in your phone, but that mobile stigma still sticks around it despite it being extremely popular. Gamers might have much preferred to experience Diablo 4.

    7. Diablo

    Time is not kind to the original Diablo. While the 1997 title was ground-breaking when it comes to gameplay and multiplayer at that time, this is an archaic experience now. The lack of a run feature, the simplistic nature of the loot loop, and also the graphics get this to feel like a large step back over time (which, to become fair, it's).

    This game is a classic car that does not have power steering or seatbelts. Luckily some mods happen to be created to result in the Diablo experience more fun, but we recommend just looking at the Diablo II remaster.

    6. Hellfire

    Hellfire was unique for the reason that Blizzard didn't get this to expand to Diablo but instead Synergistic Software. Blizzard was in the beginning resistant to someone touching their intellectual property. Still, Synergistic Software did a fantastic job adding a lot of quality-of-life upgrades to the original game and extra dungeons, characters, items, and Easter eggs.

    There is much-hidden content to unlock, including two unfinished characters. It also added a jog button necessary for the first game. This was the natural "in-between" in the original Diablo towards the second game within the series.

    5. Diablo 3

    The launch of Diablo 3 wasn't Blizzard's finest moment because the online-only PC version flopped since Battle.net servers couldn't take care of the load from the initial demand. Still, Diablo 3 recovered from the shaky start, and also the series' third installment has become among the market's most widely used and most replayable action RPGs.

    While some still yearn for Diablo 2, Diablo 3 would be a pretty worthy modern successor coupled with some great streamlining additions to the core gameplay. It's no wonder that Diablo 3 continues to be very discussed today and continues to become a behemoth within the gaming industry because of its enjoyable co-op play.

    4. Diablo 3: Reaper Of Souls

    Some felt that Diablo 3 could happen to be made having a darker tone, and Reaper of Souls delivers that. As an expansion, this entry did a fantastic job adding new things to the solid gameplay from the original game while including a very menacing villain in Malthael, the Angel of Death.

    This game feels as though the stakes are higher, and also the anxiety for that world is ratcheted up. It also refreshed Diablo 3's replayability until Diablo 4 finds its way onto our playlist. This felt a lot more substantial being an expansion than has become DLC in modern games.

    3. Diablo 2: Lord Of Destruction

    Diablo 2's expansion added many new features to the PC classic making having a hireling worthwhile, along with having a fifth act towards the story and 2 new character classes.

    Suppose you're looking to get back into the classic Diablo 2 experience. In that case, we recommend adding this expansion for a lot of improvements and excellence of life changes, contributing to a lot more full experience hacking and slashing demons. The story also prepares you for Diablo 3, so this is a must-buy if you are playing with the series. Improving an all-time classic but making your mark is a rare achievement but something Lord of Destruction accomplished.

    2. Diablo 2

    Diablo 2 expanded everything the initial game did, times ten. It hit a feedback loop of kill, loot, and reward many players loved. This game is considered among the greatest games ever, and that we won't argue with this one bit.

    Diablo 2 might be considered a gold standard not only for Blizzard or action RPG games however for PC games. It set the bar excessively that many people still don't believe Diablo 3 reached that much cla even with its very well-done expansion. This may be the best game within the Diablo series, aside from a small drawback it had been released for late 1990s computers.

    1. Diablo 2: Resurrected

    Here may be the thing about the initial Diablo 2: It ran in a resolution of 640x480. While the expansion boosted that to 800x600, it is the 2020s, and that's no way to experience video games. Blizzard's "remaster" of Diablo 2 was congratulations, with updated graphics, modern gameplay additions, and all sorts of features the classic game and it is expansion had.

    While remasters can occasionally go wrong, as evident by Blizzard's Warcraft 3 efforts, the Diablo redux was good. It's on all of the modern consoles and PC, so rather than fiddling with the initial game's compatibility issues, understand this version and hack and slash for your heart's content.