What kind of wholesale inflatable laryngeal mask cannot be used

  • 1. Sterilized items beyond the stipulated period of validity or the outer label information is incomplete, illegible cannot be used

    2. The packaging materials are damaged, such as the wrapping cloth is damaged, the packaging is loose and not tightly exposed wholesale inflatable laryngeal mask, and the paper and plastic packaging is punctured

    3.wholesale inflatable laryngeal mask falls to the ground or touches sources of pollution, stains or water stains on the wrapping cloth

    4. Wet bag

    Wet packs mean that the weight of wholesale inflatable laryngeal mask after sterilization is 3% higher than that before sterilization. This 3% is water, which creates a way for microorganisms to enter the aseptic packaging from outside the aseptic packaging. If wet packs are placed in the aseptic area, they will contaminate the aseptic area

    5. Sterilization mark unqualified, monitoring unqualified

    wholesale inflatable laryngeal mask has sterilization marks inside and outside, indicating that the color is not discolored, uneven or does not meet the requirements of conformity. All unused wholesale inflatable laryngeal masks that failed in biological monitoring were recalled by the disinfection supply Center for re-sterilization

    6. Sterilized instruments have stains or rust stains

    7. Wrong clinical operations lead to contamination of sterile areas

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