Dark and Darker How to Level up?


    In Dark and Darker, leveling functions as an would anticipate. A character gains use of previously restricted mechanics and features because they level up. Nevertheless, unlike other games, leveling up in Dark and Darker doesn't yet lead to improved stats. Players think that here is where they will be able to boost certain attributes like Strength or Agility (in line with the ideal stats for their class) once they level up since there is a Class Training page hanging around that is presently inaccessible. This is where many of the 'build' variations that provide characters a far more distinct feel will come into play.

    Leveling right now just allows players to use more Perk Slots, with 1 available automatically, 2, at level 5, 3, at level 10, and 4, at level 15. Other than that, leveling does not have any "numerical" benefits, especially after level 15. The many microtransactions through the RPG Dark and Darker are performed using Gold, an electronic currency. If you want some Gold without needing to play the game, we recommend placing an order from MMOPixel, among the best online retailers for such transactions. We maintain competitive pricing while providing outstanding customer support.

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    Gaining XP in Dark and Darker

    Now the fundamentals happen to be learned, where do new Dark and darker gain EXP? There are a lot of various approaches you can take here. The most straightforward approach would be to enter the dungeon and kill other players or NPC foes. But in addition to this, there are more acts that award EXP, for example:

    Dark and Darker Gold

    Opening Chests.

    Having loot within their inventory because they exit the dungeon.

    Opening Portals (of either color).

    Descending further deeper into the Dungeon.

    Completing the Dungeon's escape.

    All of those acts lead to EXP, which ought to answer any queries players might have had about why someone within their party leveled up faster than they did. As this will most likely change between this alpha and also the official release, there are not any statistics available currently about which Dark and Darker action grants probably the most EXP. Nonetheless, players have seen that performing the next actions makes their EXP gauge jump rather noticeably:

    Passing via a blue portal to depart the dungeon.

    Use a Red Portal to go into a deeper degree into the Dungeon.

    Defeating the boss in the Red Portal floor's conclusion.

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