How to level up in Dark and Darker?


    The proven fact that XP is presently not shared between party members should also be noted. This means that should you sit back and let your buddies do all of the killing or looting, you will not be gaining just as much XP because they are. Now that we understand my way through Dark and Darker which will grant XP, here are a few suggestions for rapidly leveling up:

    Kill More Enemies

    In Dark and Darker, killing the enemy may be the main method to level up. You'll encounter several enemies while you move through the dungeons, which you must kill to be able to advance. Killing more foes increases your experience, which will eventually lead to leveling up. It's essential to keep in mind that just the person who successfully finishes off an enemy will gain experience, so use your squad to ensure you're using your full potential.

    Play Solo more often

    While playing the sport solo makes it considerably harder, you'll receive every experience point possible in the enemies and chests you discover. We advise staying with the Forgotten Castle as the starting point, but should you be hunting for a true challenge, the Goblin Caves include probably the most punishing encounters that Dark and Darker currently provides.

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    Leveling up in Dark and Darker depends on several factors, including how well you can navigate the dungeons. Players will have to work together to effectively traverse the various floors because the sport is meant to be a challenge. Explore every inch of the dungeon while you can because the more difficult the ground is, the greater experience you'll gain. Although gear is much more significant compared to the level in the early games, it's also essential to give safe extraction priority.

    Try to spread out plenty of portals

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    Explore the Dungeons

    Open all from the Blue or Red Portals nearby should you feel secure and therefore can do so before entering someone to leave the dungeon. Experience gains are presently not quantified, however activating Portals associated with a color provides you with some extra experience. Open as numerous Portals as you can since the only drawback is should you pass away before entering one and escape, so ensure that you clean up your neighborhood before using this leveling technique.

    Get the ultimate shot to get rid of the monsters

    The only method to get experience points from PvE monsters is to obtain the kill or "last hit" in it. Unfortunately, which means that killing creatures won't enable you to get experience points. If you have a little party, do your very best to last hit any PvE opponents you discover to level up quickly.

    Go via a Red Portal

    You will get a tremendous volume of experience points for entering a Red Portal and exploring further into the dungeon, which may be a great approach to level up quickly. We advise against utilizing a Red Portal if you don't worry about the items you have along with you or have high equipment and therefore are with a complete group because of the last floor from the dungeon's severe difficulty.

    Go to killing; in case your group is well-equipped, you may even farm much more experience points in the creatures within this dungeon stage than you can in the previous one.

    Use a Blue Portal to depart the dungeon

    The best method to gain experience points is as simple as fleeing via a Blue Portal instead of using the Red Portal and finishing that floor from the dungeon, that is probably not an option should you be unfamiliar with the sport and want to level up quickly.

    Although it's presently unknown if the number of items you carry influences just how much XP you get, utilizing a Blue Portal to depart the dungeon will grant a significant quantity of experience points and it is a significantly more practical method to level up for inexperienced players than utilizing a Red Portal.

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