Honkai Star Rail: Top 4 Four-Star Characters You Should Pull An


    You perform some 10 pulls around the beginner banner and expand your roster. Everything’s great while you progress with the story and level up your characters before you realize: “Wait, I’m broke…”

    You don’t wanna be that individual again. The one who decides a common character generally is every single character hanging around and spreads their resources thinner than the usual strand of floss. Not that I’m judging you or anything because I have also fallen into that trap.

    I’ve gotten the opportunity to play around with virtually all the 4-Star characters in Honkai: Star Rail now I’m likely to help you not fall under that trap of creating too many characters at the same time. After reading this informative guide, become familiar with four different 4-Star characters to purchase and the reason they’re so great, should you don’t know how to start.

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    Everyone should build Asta because her design is really pretty. Even if I disregard just how much I like Asta’s character and visual design, she fares very well in combat for any wide variety of content.

    This happens because the three main things she provides towards the table are a team-wide attack boost, a surprisingly strong weakness break capability, along with a team-wide speed buff. Her attack buff originates from her talent, which at talent level one grants a 7% extra attack towards the team for every unique enemy she hits on her behalf turn. By talent level 10, this buff doubles into 14%, the industry pretty sizable bonus given that all characters take advantage of it regardless of their element also it stacks up to 5 times.

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    Asta’s skill hits the selected target using the first hit after which attacks three more times randomly, and therefore she can get four from the five max stacks on her attack buff given RNG hits another enemy every time.

    Asta (Build)

    Since Asta’s ultimate is simple, moving directly into Light Cones, just one 5-star Harmony Light Cone is hanging around, so should you have But the Battle Isn’t Over and isn’t utilizing it on Bronya, you can utilize it on Asta.

    Just remember that the break effect stat out of your build only buffs the additional damage whenever you deplete the toughness bar of the enemy, so don’t get discouraged in case your damage looks small until then because the break effect stats that you’re building can make up for all of the missing damage once that toughness bar hits zero.


    Next up, we now have Pela who's the polar complete opposite of Asta because she’s a support providing you with debuffs towards the enemy, and she’s ice rather than fire.

    Beginners may use the 3-Star Light Cone Void, which also gives a 20% effect hit rate, however, it only can last for three turns instead of Eyes from the Prey, which lasts the whole battle.


    Sushang is most likely just as overhyped as Tingyun, but because I’m Sushang’s number 1 fan in Honkai Impact, you know I had to focus on her in Star Rail too.

    The reason Sushang is extremely overhyped as a physical DPS even though characters such as the Trailblazer and Clara exist happens because she can delete massive-sized toughness bars by hand if played correctly.

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