Torchlight Infinite Currency Guide for Beginners - IGMeet Guide

  • Torchlight Infinite is the new game that is going under a closed beta test now, and the Torchlight series have inspired it. We need to stay in power in this game, and as an action RPG game, it has so many new features included in it as a new series. If you are a fan of the Torchlight II, this new game will not be a new thing to you, and this Torchlight Infinite series is going to amaze you with so much content for sure. And here we bring you a Torchlight Infinite beginner guide to know what things are included in this game to learn so far.

    Friendly Classes

    Let's start with the best beginner-friendly classes, Torchlight infinite features five basic classes, namely Berserker, Divineshot, Frostfire, Spacetime Witness, and Commander, out of this selection, however, the best beginner friendly heroes are Berserker and frostfire, primarily due to their core attributes which are strength and intelligence respectively, strength not only boosts melee damage but also increases Max life, comparatively, intelligence raises Max Mana that is needed to activate powerful skills as well as energy shield for improved defenses, Berserker Rehan in your usual Barbarian who deals excellent damage up close and personal using one-handed or two-handed weapons like Hammers and axis, they are known for their raid which grants them Reserve, once its max levels achieve they deal additional burst damage, if you want to crush opponents at melee range while successfully absorbing a ton of damage, then you should choose the berserk glass, meanwhile, frostfire gamma specializes in fusing ice and fire elements to cast powerful spells thanks to her trusty staff, what's really cool about her is the ability to balance ice and fire damage depending on the enemy's weakness and energy used, if you intend to play like a mage with the benefits of controlling the battlefield while dealing massive damage, then frostfire is right for you.


    Gears are the most commonly dropped spoils in the game, and they come with five different traits as follows.

    Rare – this is purple coloured and has 3 to 5 affixes

    Normal – this gear is gray-coloured, and it has no affix

    Super Rare – this type of gear comes with six affixes, and it is pink coloured.

    Magic – you will have 1 to 2 affixes with a magic gear, and it is blue-coloured

    Legendary – these types of gears have some exclusive and special types of affixes, and we can't use them for enchanting or for the crafting

    Boost Energy Levels

    To be able to equip skills, you need to have a huge spool of energy which you get by default every time you level up, the most efficient way to gain this resource, however, as you are progressing is by empowering your equipment, high value equipment starting at level 45 already has corresponding energy values, but sometimes, a good piece of gear may not have a high amount of energy, remember though that you can still raise its energy by empowering the gear itself via the Arms Dealer, otherwise, you won't have enough resources to activate many skills at a time, note that you'll need energy cores when rolling for new energy values, these are usually obtained from mobs so you can keep hoarding them until you find the gear that's right for your build, the good thing about energy is you can reallocatethem to the active and passive skills you intend to focus on without consuming another type of resource, just take swapping gear into consideration, because you might accidentally wield the ones that provide you with limited energy.

    Hoard Colored Equipment

    When it comes to loot a good practice is to store High valued items such as purple orange and pink gear in your inventory, doing so will let you either exchange them for the flame residue to save flame dust or sand, these are the resources, you'll heavily make use of for enchanting and crafting once you know the equipment to use, later on, when your bag is full you only need to approach a Trader to trade your gear for flame residue, they should be available on most Maps next to the teleportation waypoints, furthermore, remember that you can collect different types of gear which are not necessarily restricted to the class you are currently playing, as such you can choose to share these with the rest of your characters if they are all on a single account remember to access the universal inventory by speaking with the space-time Wanderer NPC in town to transfer gear.

    Torchlight Infinite Beginner Guide for the Skills

    As a Torchlight Infinite beginner, the next biggest thing that you should know about is the skills, and you will get to meet 24 skill trees here. The way you upgrade these skills will decide how far you can go with the game. More than 180 skills are available for a character build in this game, and you earn your skill slots whenever you have acquired the energy.

    You can have more energy by doing level-ups for the characters, and you can also equip some more things to level up the gears, as those are the best ways to have more energy. If you want to unlock more skill slots, you will have to beat more enemies as those are coming up with loot and the experience.

    Skills are categorized into different types: support skills, active skills, trigger skills, and passive skills. Active and passive skills can be linked in this game for the support skills, and those two can be linked to the trigger skills.

    We conclude our knowledge about Torchlight Infinite, and we sincerely hope this beginner's guide will help you navigate the game successfully. Flame Elementium is the name of Torchlight: Infinite major game currency. You can earn Torchlight: Infinite Currency with completing tasks, sell items and defeat bosses. And you can use it to strengthen your character and collect more loot for your convenience A more refreshing gaming experience. If Torchlight Infinite players spend all their time on farming Flame Elementium, Flame Sand, Energy Core or other currencies, the time to enjoy the real game pleasure will be greatly compressed. In order to change this bad situation, the most suitable way to get enough Torchlight Infinite Currency is to buy them directly at