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Players should also take any gear

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    May 11
    Dark and Darker has many different ways that it can kill Dark And Darker Gold the player's avatar, from its many dangerous monsters, its plethora of traps, and of course, the many other players roaming around the dungeon who will try to take a player's hard-fought loot for themselves. There is, however, a way to recover from such a defeat, if luck, knowledge of the dungeon, and skill are on the player’s side.

    The first step players will have to take when a team member dies in Dark and Darker is, appropriately, to loot their body. The only way for a player to revive their friends is to get at the heart that is stored on the body. This heart can only be found by removing the chest piece of a downed player, which will have their glowing blue heart hidden behind it.

    Players should also take any gear that their teammate will need, as their body will have none of their equipment on it when they revive. Once players have their teammate's gear and heart, players will need to go into their inventory screen and make sure that the heart of their teammate is equipped to an item slot. Once this is done, players will need to continue to explore the dungeon, looking for a large stone slab with a pale glowing light that rises off of it.

    These slabs will spawn in the dungeon seemingly at random, so players will need to be vigilant in their search for one. Once players have found a room with the shrine while exploring the dungeon, players should destroy any monsters nearby and attempt to buy Darker Gold be sure that other rival players are not in the area, as the revival process takes some time to complete.