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Technology and Literacy Learning Through the Eyes

  • Jan 20
    The age of current day learning has arrived. It's no more a matter of whether we want to integrate technology and education; it is a necessity. The truth poses an immense problem and threat to the longstanding educational institutions that have for the absolute most part remained unchanged for nearly a century. Who'd have imagined that the alphabet's letter "E" would forever transform the facial skin of education to E-Ducation?

    Technology in education has progressed from basic tools like the abacus, pencil, ruler, paper and calculator to computers, laptops, iPads, tablets, software and apps. The technological advancements alone are forcing the way teachers teach, how students learn, the ways & credential badges and breaking the barriers between home and school life. At its core, technology is impacting ab muscles essence of the future of humanity.

    The prominence and rise of technology in the world applies to all or any facets of life including how exactly we learn. It seems that the days of "open your textbook, read the following pages and answer the questions" is likely to be for probably the most part anything of the past.

    As educational institutions resist and make attempts to adapt, it's essential to remember the training needs of today's digital natives. The digital natives are those that were born during or thereafter the inception and introduction of digital technology.

    This generation is not only accustomed to technological advancements and devices they expect it. As a result, drastic measures will have to be implemented to generally meet the student's expectations for learning. The important thing is to adapt to an uncertain, modern, changing and dynamic global world.}
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