Old School RuneScape is absolutely free

  • In the present, Jagex continues with its long-term plans for Cheap OSRS Gold. After 11 years of its release it is now the God Wars Dungeon storyline is finally at an end, and its final boss will be added in an expansion that will be released this week.

    The God Wars Dungeon isn't going anywhere just yet But it's coming towards its conclusion with the introduction of its final enemy: Nex The General. Since she's the final antagonist in a plotline that's an entire decade in the making and bringing her down will not be easy in any way. Team players can run up to 80 at a time, so you definitely won't be able to do it alone.

    Nex appears to be hugely popular as an addition to the game. Every RuneScape update needs to receive 75 % approval from players before it is released, and Nex was approved by the majority of players voting in favor of bringing Nex into the game.

    Any member of any level can take on the boss, but Jagex does recommend that you take the levels 70 ranged, 70 Strength and 70 Agility. Hitpoints. You'll also need to have completed all of the Desert Treasure quest, so you have access to The Frozen Door. The door can be used for access to Nex's world which allows you to test to take down the monster by yourself.

    Naturally, as you'd expect from an excellent boss game, there's spectacular loot you can collect. Jagex hasn't given the details of what to expect, but it has revealed that among the things up for grabs are an Ancient Godsword, Zaryte crossbow as well as the Torva armour set.

    If you want to try this expansion for yourself, to play on PC and mobile. The expansion is only available to those who pay for membership.

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