In the wake of OSRS

  • In the wake of the partnership that was successful that was formed with OSRS Gold By Malcs, Pfeiffer declares he's eager to work more indie-based developers across the globe if they're developing ideas that "align with RuneScape's design philosophy and Jagex's fundamental values" and is hoping Melvor Idle's success can inspire more indie developers to reach out to the studio.

    With the version 1.0 of Melvor Idle being released, Games By Malcs and Jagex collaborate on the development of future content, and other potential titles that are set in the Melvor universe. Malcolm remains grateful to Jagex for its continued assistance, particularly when it comes to reaching new players.

    "They have also been excellent at making sure Melvor Idle gets to more people than I've been able to by myself as a player in the RuneScape community and further afield," he says. "With the full launch out in the near future, I'm excited meeting with Jagex on both making Melvor Idle a greater achievement, and on further projects."

    Echoes of Yore Echoes of Yore is one of the names of the latest multiplayer game by indie developer Gellyberry Studios. It is said to be an homage to old classics such as RuneScape and Tibia and is played in iso perspective. The focus is on discovering crafting, creating, and building your own home and engaging in high-risk the dungeons.

    What is this? The game Ethyrial Echoes of Yore is a game that aims to bring back classic games in a contemporary engine. You can create a character is not tied to a specific class and is based on capabilities and equipment. With this you get to explore the world of Irumesa.

    The primary focus is on a universe in which there's plenty to explore and discover.

    Like RuneScape There will be many unique and exciting opportunities for character development. However, you only have the ability to create one character on each server. The crafting and collecting process plays an important role and should be one of the reasons why returning to low-level regions is worthwhile in the future. It is also possible to mine the materials of runescape 2007 gold endgame when you reach level 1. However, the probability of a successful collection is likely to be zero.