So many new players entering Old School RuneScape?

  • There is no unfair advantage for better graphics, and this only applies to you if you allow OSRS gold. So - this is really an abuse of guidelines. It's an issue for all involved and I would like Jagex would reconsider."

    Some players from The Runelite HD project have taken to the town square of Falador, a capital city of one of Runescape's major kingdoms. They are holding a sit-in protest like the protest World of Warcraft players held in July. Participants can be seen on the linked video posting an open-ended text message criticizing Jagex for their decision, and hashtags like #Free117. Another video shows even more people "marching" outside Falador Square.

    A some time ago, something strange started to happen within a video game called Old School RuneScape. It was apparent that there were many new players in the game and they were operating in the same way. They were in the game for hours at a time, repeating the same actions in a loop. In addition to killing green dragons, they were harvesting gold, killing even more green dragons, as well as harvesting gold.

    It was evident that these new players were gamers call "gold farmers." They were raking in gold through the game, but then they converted this gold from the game into actual cash by selling it to other players through underground websites. It's been going on for years, and most games don't allow it, however it still keeps happening.

    The issue was what was the reason for suddenly having so many new players entering cheap RS gold? The answer lay in one single economy that was crashing. Venezuela. The soaring inflation was destabilizing the currency of the country. And for thousands of Venezuelans playing video games, gold became a currency of protection.