The necessities for receiving the slayer task from Konar

  • Instead of just assigning a monster to be killed, OSRS gold calls for gamers to go to a specific area to do this, so that when they returning, they'll have a threat at getting their palms in Brimstone Keys. In the least, let's find out precisely in which Konar is situated and how you can find some Brimstone Keys.

    According to the map below, Konar quo Maten is located in the North-West region of the Zeah region within the Kahlith agreement that was reached at the summit of the mountain Karuulm. They're marked on the arena map with a light the cranium for illustration. their place as a Slayer Master. It is possible to observe their status subsequent to a chest.

    The fastest way to reach this region is through the Rada'sBlessing the teleports of three and four. If you do now no longer have get right of access to this area take note of the fairy ring code of c-i R or rubbing a skills Necklace and then choosing for the Farming Guild teleport.

    The necessities for receiving the slayer task from Konar include a minimum battle level of seventyfive, in addition, you must be a Konar member to gain access for Konar's Zeah continent. Take note of this, it's worthwhile to remember that you have the option of paying for club via bonds via ways to earn money earned in sports.

    Contrary to other Slayer Masters, RuneScape gold duties require players to go to an area where they can kill monsters. As a end result, players are able to get the Brimstone Key at the end of their job as a drop. The cost of dropping these keys is depending on how much of the monster to be killed however , it fluctuates between 1/50 and 1/one hundred.