Kotick is already obscenely wealthy

  • First, to state the obvious: It can be a real sting to see bad actors OSRS gold to be given a deserved reward in the society. This is inherently unfair. We have a cosmic sense that karma can't be this way. So the attention that Kotick has on his pay check is completely understandable. If the allegations concerning Kotick's own guilt for failing to respond to a culture of harassment and abuse are correct, it's human to be apprehensive about the notion that a huge cash paycheck is coming his way in exchange for enabling the work culture that has resulted in the widespread reports of toxicity in Activision Blizzard and then stubbornly refusing the opportunity to change.

    To offer a thousand-foot view But, Bobby Kotick is already obscenely wealthy and has a net worth valued at $870 million. That's a lot of wealth that is difficult to comprehend. It's enough for hundreds of years of life without working another day. And that's not even including the take into account how investments and interest can generate all the cash that you'll ever require to be able to live comfortably. The large payout that probably is in store for Kotick when he's done with this acquisition is not likely to make his life significantly easier than it already will be. From SEC documents, Kotick would most likely receive a significant amount of around $260 million upon his departure from the company , regardless of whether a deal occurred or otherwise. It's a clear case of the rich getting richer. His growth in wealth is the principle behind it, not factual considerations.

    However it could be Activision Blizzard's best chance to make significant and meaningful changes to working conditions and the studio's culture. Microsoft is a massive enterprise with standardized structures to eliminate workplace harassment. we've not had any reason to believe its leadership has permitted abuses that are similar to those at Activision Blizzard in severity or extent. By most accounts V Microsoft is a generally fine workplace, particularly in comparison to the business it has just acquired. Having that culture in place and having it on an upper level of the organization power pyramid is likely to help get rid of bad actors and set clearer expectations of behavior.