It was initially estimated

  • The stories of streamers who have spent thousands of dollars playing D2R Items Ladder only to never get the loot items they require to progress within the game have become more frequent as more players are battling the game's final challenges. As expected, this is one of the primary reasons why Maxroll has decided to stop publishing its guides for the game, but this isn't the sole reason. According to Maxroll there are a number of major issues with D2R Ladder at this time the economic structure, the discontent of the community with the game's overall unsatisfying gameplay.

    Maxroll has also stated that the game isn't about money in the moment and stated it was likely that Activision Blizzard would need to reconsider D2R Ladder's pay-to win mechanics, and in the announcement, the company stated that "[theydo not see a way forward" unless the game undergoes an overhaul in this regard. Maxroll's group of D2R Ladder specialists had more than 10.000 hours playing the game over the course of the past year and a half and the company felt it was necessary to step off the project in order to be a good steward to the community it serves.

    Although it was initially estimated that it would require just more than $100.000 to fully equip their characters in the game, subsequent research revealed that it would require more than $500.000 to the maximum level of a character in D2R Ladder. The revelation came as players were able to buy D2R Ladder Items unlock some of the game's most mysterious mechanics such as the so-called Awakening that opens additional gem slots for characters to equip.