ShiftYourCarcass conducted some research and discovered

  • A Redditor who goes by the username ShiftYourCarcass arrived at this conclusion D2R ladder items in a blog post that was published on June 26.

    According to previous calculations, the player would need six legendary gems worth five stars to use a character's gear to its full potential.

    A 5-star game would cost around $16,600 to play, putting the character's maximum value close to $100,000.

    ShiftYourCarcass conducted some research and discovered that "there is a hidden whale'mechanic' when you upgrade a 5/5 star gem to 10 levels that are associated with a piece of equipment above rank 6."

    The gem will be able to acquire the additional slots it requires through the "awakening" process. This means that a player must add five more legendary gems to these slots for each legendary gem to reach rank 10.

    Six instead of 36 will be needed by a user (!). because of an "awakening" to five-star gems, their highest level.

    "To awaken a gem, you must purchase an item only available in the cash shop and the gem must be level 10. Dawning Echos are purple orbs that cost approximately one thousand eternal orbs buy diablo 2 resurrected items. According to ShiftYourCarcass, each equipment awakening costs $30.