An update on the new features of pokemon.

  • After the update is first released, trainers should be able to view Pokémon registered on Pokédex in PokémonHOME from different angles. The Pokémon Company said in a press release on Wednesday that both men and women can try to use it to give their Pokémon a better appearance. This news has been released to attract a large number of fans to watch.

    News pictures from the Pokémon Company show how it works. In it, we saw the little chicken Pokémon Torchic from behind. This update is undoubtedly the most successful design. Players like this design, which makes the game more and more joyful to players. Take advantage of this updated design and enjoy Buy 6IV Shiny Ditto on the website. This is a magical and happy combination mode. To be sure, you can see its cute little tail.

    Pokémon House is usually a cloud storage system that allows players to store their Pokémon online. Therefore, in theory, if you purchase a premium membership, you can store up to 6,000 Pokémon. Trust me. Many players jumped up happily after hearing this number. Premium members can check hundreds of but numerous loot other than Pokémon.

    Somehow, the Pokémon docking news is constantly swaying in the news cycle. In April, the Pokémon Company released a cute plush toy. This player allows Joltik to see Yammer's ass. The entire body can be seen, which will increase the relationship between the player and the game. In addition, players can also choose Buy 6 IV Shiny Pokemon in the game. This will all be happy at the same time. A plush toy is a kind of pulling toy. If you pull the little Chortic toy, it will rush back to Yammer's loot.

    If you don't look at the appearance of Pokémon on the backend, this new update may add another feature to Pokémon Home: capturing the calendar. This new change allows trainers to classify Pokémon from the date of capture or receipt. But obviously, this is a trivial matter compared to getting super close supporters to check out your favorite Pokémon from your back.