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  • What is Runecrafting ?

    Runecrafting is a skill which allows you to craft various runes to be used in casting magic. A skill that is slow but generates pure profit.

    Why Should You Train Runecrafting ?

    Runecrafting is the best skill money maker in the game. The essence used to craft runes are super cheap making everything you craft, pure profit. The higher your runecrafting level gets the more runes you are able to produce per pure essence. 

    There are also some quests in the game which require runecrafting to complete, those quests are:

    • Temple of the Eye - Runecraft level 10

    • The Slug Menace - Runecraft level 30

    • What Lies Below - Runecraft level 35

    • Devious Minds - Runecraft level 50

    • The Fremennik Exiles - Runecraft level 55

    So to get a quest Runescape Old School Infernal Cape you will need at least level 55 runecraft.

    Lastly if you are looking to complete all the achievements in the game, you will be needing level 91 runecrafting.


    Runecrafting Training

    Runecrafting is notorious for being a slow skill to train, probably because of this reason there are many different methods to level your runecrafting. Some offer higher exp rates, some are more afk and some are more profitable. This runecrafting guide will cover all of them. Firstly you need to know about some useful quests. You should complete the following quests before doing a lot of runecrafting training.

    • Rune Mysteries

    • Enter the Abyss - This quest is required for the usage of essence pouches and it also rewards 1k runecraft experience.

    • Temple of the Eye - This unlocks the latest minigame edition to runecrafting which is Guardians of the Rift. It also rewards 9,210 runecraft experience.

    • The Eyes of Glouphrie - Awards 6000 runecraft experience, recommended to skip early levels.

    • Lunar Diplomacy - Unlocking the lunar spellbook provides access to many useful spells that you are going to use in some of the fastest training methods. 

    Npc contact allows you to repair your essence pouches without entering the abyss.

    Ourania teleport provides instant access to the Ourania altar.

    Magic imbue allows you to craft combination runes without the need of talismans.

    This quest also rewards 5k runecraft experience.

    You can also complete “Sins of the Father” quest to unlock different training method down the line.


    Essence Pouches

    Essence pouches are essential for your runecraft training. These pouches store essence in them so you can get more experience per trip. There are 5 pouches in total:

    • Small pouch - Runecrafting level 1 - Capacity 3 - No decay

    • Medium pouch - Runecrafting level 25 - Capacity 6 - 45 uses before decay

    • Large pouch - Runecrafting level 50 - capacity 9 - 29 uses before decay

    • Giant pouch - Runecrafting level 75 - capacity 12 - 10 uses before decay

    • Colossal pouch - Runecrafting level 85 - capacity 40 - 8 uses before decay

    Small pouch is obtained upon completing the quest “Enter the Abyss”. Medium, large and giant pouches can be obtained by killing abyssal leeches, guardians and walkers. These creatures can be found in the abyss and in the abyssal area. You can get to the abyss by teleporting there via the mage of zamorak in level 5 wilderness north of Edgeville and you can get to the abyssal area by using the code a.l.r on a fairy ring. You can obtain the pouches before having the required runecraft level but you can’t use them before reaching that level.

    Colossal pouch is different from the rest as it is crafted. To craft this pouch you will need to get the abyssal needle, which is a reward from the guardians of the rift mini-game. After getting the needle you can craft the pouch by combining your small, medium, large and giant pouches. This requires 85 runecraft and 56 crafting.

    Lastly to repair your pouches you will need to visit the dark mage in the centre of the abyss. Alternatively you can use the spell npc contact and contact dark mage to repair them.


    Rune Pouch

    You should also get yourself a rune pouch which can store your runes. This item is useful for holding runes for your npc contact so you can repair your essence pouches and holding runes for your teleports for efficiency purposes. Easiest way to get this item is to buy a rune pouch note from the grand exchange.

    Raiments of the Eye

    Raiments of the eye is a robe set that grants you more rune while you are runecrafting. Each piece provides %20 more rune production and wearing the full set gives %60. You can also imbue the hat with a tiara to have it function as that tiara. This set can be bought from the reward shop of Guardians of the Rift.

    Daeyalt Essence

    After the quest “Sins of the Father” you can start mining daeyalt shards which require level 60 mining. These shards stack and are untradable. You can exchange these shards for daeyalt essence, this essence can be used just like regular essence but provides %50 more runecraft experience. The only exceptions are blood and soul runes on their respective altars on Kourend.

    1 - 99 Runecrafting Guide

    Levels 1 - 33 Quests: To start off your runecrafting journey it is  highly recommended that you complete the following quests: 

    • Enter the Abyss

    • The Ascent of Arceuus

    • The Eyes of Glouphrie

    • The Slug Menace

    • Temple of the Eye

    These quests will shoot you right up to level 33 runecraft. This allows you to start your manual training with much higher exp rates as you will have access to lava runecrafting and guardians of the rift.

    Levels 1 - 23/50 Talisman Tiaras: If you don’t like questing but you want to have the fastest exp rates to get you through the early levels, you should start making talisman tiaras. This method is expensive so it’s only recommended for players that want to spend money to get that fast exp rates. These are made by using a talisman on the corresponding altar with a tiara in the inventory.

    • Mind tiara - Mind altar teleport tablet or spell x284 - EXP/H: 30K - 45K

    • Earth tiara - Lumberyard teleport x233 - EXP/H: 40K - 50K

    • Fire tiara - Ring of duelling x414 - EXP/H: 35K- 45K

    Levels 1 - 23 Elemental Runes: If you don’t want to do other methods you can craft elemental runes but beware this method is really really slow.

    • 1 - 9 Air runes

    • 9 - 14 Earth runes

    • 14 - 23 Fire runes

    Levels 23 - 99 Lava Runes (Fastest): This is the fastest runecraft training method. You can make lava runes by going to the fire altar with essence and at least an equal amount of earth runes. For this method to work you will need level 82 magic and completion of the quest “Lunar Diplomacy” to cast the spell magic imbue. This spell allows you to craft combination runes without talismans.

    To do this method efficiently, you should have your best weight reducing clothing, a mist battlestaff, tome of fire and a rune pouch holding cosmic and astral runes. You should also use a ring of duelling for banking.

    • Level 23 EXP/H: 38,200

    • Level 50 EXP/H: 58,800

    • Level 75 EXP/H: 64,680 

    • Level 85 EXP/H: 110K

    Note that your exp rates will be much lower if you don’t have access to the magic imbue spell.

    There is one more way to make this method faster and that is hiring other players to bring you materials. This method is extremely expensive so do this if you have money to spare. The best number of runners to have is 4, but you can start with 3 when you are inexperienced. Each runner will cost you 7 - 8M gp per hour. 

    • 4 runners - EXP/H: 240K

    • 3 runners - EXP/H: 180k

    Levels 27 - 99 Guardians of the Rift: This mini game is a great alternative to the repetitive mundane runecrafting training. Doing this method is profitable and it provides many rewards for making your runecrafting journey more efficient. This method also gives you passive mining and crafting experience. 

    There are a number of quests which are useful for this method those are:

    • Lunar Diplomacy - For npc contact

    • Lost City -  To craft cosmic runes

    • Troll Stronghold - To craft law runes

    • Mourning’s End Part 2 - To craft death runes

    • Sins of the Father - To craft blood runes

    Experience rates assume you are using all the pouches available to you. 

    • Levels 40 - 50 EXP/H: 25K RC - 2300 Crafting - 1200 Mining 

    • Levels 50 - 75 EXP/H: 40K RC - 3700 Crafting - 2000 Mining

    • Levels 75 - 85 EXP/H: 50K RC - 4700 Crafting - 2500 Mining

    • Levels 85 - 99 EXP/H: 65K RC - 6200 Crafting - 3200 Mining

    • Level 99 EXP/H: 70K RC - 6600 Crafting - 3500 Mining

    Levels 1 - 99 Ourania Altar: Ourania altar is different from the rest of the altars in the game. You can access it from level 1 and the altar crafts random runes. The tier of the runes goes up with your runecrafting level so your experience rate scales with your level. This is much less click intensive than crafting lava runes.

    To do this method you will need to have the “Lunar Diplomacy” quest completed. After the quest, speak to Baba Yaga while you are on the Lunar spellbook to unlock the ourania teleport. Also having the medium Ardougne diary completed is recommended if you want more profit while doing this method.

    Using the official Ourania altar worlds which are 327 and 480 is recommended as there are aggressive npcs and you will take less damage on those worlds.

    You should have your best weight reducing gear equipped and alongside that you should have a ring of endurance with at least 500 charges, dust battlestaff and a rune pouch holding payment runes, astral runes and law runes.

    Payment runes are for accessing the bank located at the beginning of the cave. You can pay using 20 of any runes so choose a cheap one.

    You should also have stamina potions 1 dose in your bank to sip whenever needed.

    After entering the caves, run to the altar using the shorter route  by running south and then east. Craft runes at the altar then teleport to the Ourania altar bank and repeat.

    • Levels 1 - 9 EXP/H: 18000 w/pure essence - 27000 w/daeyalt essence

    • Levels 10 - 19 EXP/H: 20000 w/pure essence - 30000 w/daeyalt essence

    • Levels 20 - 24 EXP/H: 21000 w/pure essence - 32000 w/daeyalt essence

    • Levels 25 - 29 EXP/H: 25000 w/pure essence - 38000 w/daeyalt essence

    • Levels 30 - 39 EXP/H: 27000 w/pure essence - 41000 w/daeyalt essence

    • Levels 40 - 49 EXP/H: 29000 w/pure essence - 43000 w/daeyalt essence

    • Levels 50 - 59 EXP/H: 37000 w/pure essence - 55000 w/daeyalt essence

    • Levels 60 - 69 EXP/H: 37000 w/pure essence - 56000 w/daeyalt essence

    • Levels 70 - 74 EXP/H: 40000 w/pure essence - 60000 w/daeyalt essence

    • Levels 75 - 79 EXP/H: 50000 w/pure essence - 75000 w/daeyalt essence

    • Levels 80 - 89 EXP/H: 51000 w/pure essence - 76000 w/daeyalt essence

    • Levels 90 - 98 EXP/H: 52000 w/pure essence - 79000 w/daeyalt essence

    • Level 99 EXP/H: 54000 w/pure essence - 81000 w/daeyalt essence

    Levels 1 - 77 Arceuus Library: This method can be a great alternative for ironmen accounts because of the lack of equipment requirements. This method consists of you finding books for npcs in Arceuus library. There is a great plugin for this in runelite so this method is super easy. After finding a book for an npc you will be rewarded with a book of knowledge. Each book grants runecrafting exp equal to 4 times one's runecrafting level. Because of this scaling it is recommended for you to first complete “The Abyss” and “The Eyes of Glouphrie” miniquest.

    • Level 1 EXP/H: 400 - 600

    • Level 10 EXP/H: 4000 - 6000

    • Level 20 EXP/H: 8000 - 12000

    • Level 30 EXP/H: 12000 - 18000

    • Level 40 EXP/H: 16000 - 24000

    • Level 50 EXP/H: 20000 - 30000

    • Level 60 EXP/H: 24000 - 36000

    • Level 70 EXP/H: 28000 - 42000

    • Level 80 EXP/H: 32000 - 48000

    • Level 90 EXP/H: 36000 - 54000

    • Level 99 EXP/H: 39600 - 59400

    Levels 77 - 90/99 Blood Runes (Money Making): Blood runes are a great way to make some money while training your runecrafting. You can run to the altar or use the abyss to get to the altar. If you have the elite Kourend & Kebos diary completed you will receive %10 additional blood runes but these will not give you any exp. It is also recommended that you use full Raiments of the Eye outfit to maximise your profit.

    EXP/H: 40K using the abyss

    EXP/H: 37K running to the altar

    Profits from this method depend on many factors, if you want to maximise your profit you should be using the Raiments of the Eye outfit together with a blood essence, their effects stack together giving you the best profit. From level 77 to 99 you will be making:

    Total Profit: 188M

    Levels 82 - 91/95/99 Double Astral Runes (Money Making): This is a fairly slow method but offers a decent amount of gp. For this you will need to have the quest “Lunar Diplomacy” completed. For equipment, use a dust battlestaff with law, cosmic and astral runes. It is also recommended that you use full Raiments of the Eye outfit to maximise your profit.

    EXP/H: 34K

    Total Profit: 70M ( 82 - 91 ) / 214M ( 82 - 99 )

    Levels 91 - 95/99 Double Nature Runes (Money Making): One of the oldest money makers in the game. You can craft nature runes either by running through the abyss or using the fairy ring code c.k.r. It is also recommended that you use full Raiments of the Eye outfit to maximise your profit.

    EXP/H: 27K

    Total Profit: 190M

    Levels 95 - 99 Double Law Runes (Money Making): For this method you will be using the abyss to get to the law altar. Since the law altar is located in Entrana you can’t bring your pickaxe with you. The most efficient way to overcome this is to use a bronze pickaxe and drop it after you get past the obstacle in the abyss. It is also recommended that you use full Raiments of the Eye outfit to maximise your profit.

    EXP/H: 28K

    Total Profit: 113M

    Levels 95 - 99 Wrath Runes (Money Making): For this method you have to complete “Dragon Slayer 2”. The wrath altar is located in the basement of the myth guild. There are aggressive dragons, so bringing any type of dragonfire protection is necessary. To do this method in the most optimal way your setup should look like this:

    • Wrath tiara

    • A shield that offers dragonfire protection

    • Mythical cape

    • Bank teleport like crafting cape or ring of dueling

    • All essence pouches

    • Full raiments of the eye set

    • Regen bracelet

    • Ring of suffering if not using a dueling ring

    EXP/H: 30K

    Total Profit: 117M

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