Diablo 2 Resurrected: The Fist Of The Heavens Paladin Play Guid

  • In Diablo 2 Resurrected Patch 2.4 PTR, the Paladin's Fist of the Heavens skill has received epic enhancements, and Fist Of The Heavens Paladin (FoHdin) can sweep through hell. D2R Items are a hot sale on MMOSO. Many new friends want to know how to play the FoHdin and how to equip it. The following is the relevant information about the play of the FoHdin organized by MMOSO, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.


    The Fist of the Heavens Paladin Play Introduction


    Hand of Blessed Light


    The skills that the Fist of the Heaven Paladin must be filled up are the Fist Of The Heavens and Holy Bolt and of course Holy Shock. This unique weapon Hand of Blessed Light can +2 To Fist Of The Heavens, +4 Holy Bolt, which can greatly enhance the power of Fist of the Heavens, and +2 To Paladin Skill Levels, which is very suitable for FoHdin. Players who want to play Fist Of The Heavens Paladin can collect it.


    Herald of Zakarum


    This gear is the exclusive shield of Paladins, +2 To Paladin Skill Levels, +2 To Combat Skills, combat skills will be enhanced, combat skills are equal to +4. There is also All Resistances +50 and block, the Paladin's exclusive shield is really powerful.


    Death's Disguise


    Death's disguise has a total of three pieces, respectively weapons, gloves, and belts. The position of the weapon can choose the Hand of Blessed Light, and the remaining two-piece sets of Death's Hand and Death's Guard can bring Poison Resist and Cannot be Frozen. The Cannot be Frozen solves the problem that the position of the ring needs Raven Frost, which frees our ring position, and we can choose the ring that FCR, Life, Mana, Resist, and more.


    Guillaume's Face


    The Guillaume's Face players should be already collected, used to fight BOSS very well. The 35% Chance of Crushing Blow made him establish the position of his Crushing Blow Winged Helm. The Crushing Blow Winged Helm is Guillaume's Face, you can change up when killing boss, but when you spawn scenes it is not recommended to use it.


    The FoHdin is a spellcasting profession, similar to the Blessed Hammer Paladin, the required attribute is the casting speed. The high resistance ensures his own safety, a 75% Chance to Block, and FoHdin's own attacks are mainly aimed at demons and the undead. So for the animal series, you can choose the lightning damage of Fist of the Heavens to slowly play or take the shield to smash.  


    The mercenaries can be chosen at will, and the mercenary who can dual-wield one-handed swords in the fifth act is a good choice. The Fist of Heaven Paladin needs very few points to build, so players can completely major in another gameplay, and can choose another major skill at will, and adding all the skill points full will be enough to use.


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