​Diablo 2 Resurrected: How Do Necromancers Choose Golems?

  • In Diablo 2 Resurrected, Necromancer is a very popular class, of which Summoner Necromancer is the most popular gameplay for players. In addition to the necessary mercenaries, the minions that summoner necromancers usually include skeleton warriors, skeleton mages, reborn monsters, and golems. When ladder season one starts, you can buy D2R Ladder Items at MMOSO. Although there are four types of golems to choose from in the game: Clay Golem, Blood Golem, Iron Golem, and Fire Golem, in fact, most of the golems are suitable for gameplay matching are mainly clay golem or iron golem. The less popular blood golem and fire golem are generally not recommended unless you have personal preferences or some whimsical gameplay. So here is a brief introduction to Clay Golem and Iron Golem features and applicable play.


    Clay Golem and Iron Golem Features


    The Clay Golem is the golem with the highest amount of blood under the same level and passive bonuses as the four golems. With some basic gears in the early stage, you can easily reach tens of thousands of blood, and you can summon it at any time when you need to use it while being attacked by the enemy will make the enemy slow down.  


    The Iron Golem can obtain most of the attributes of gears, and often choose the gear with aura as the base material to summon it, such as Runewords Insight and Pride. It doesn't need to be re-summoned every time you enter the game like the clay golem. If the character dies or the iron golem dies, the existing iron golem will be lost, and players with the poor operating ability or poor gears are prone to accidents. Players who have the opportunity can save more Runeword Insight, and other high-cost summoning materials (such as Pride) are recommended to be selected when they have a certain ability and are confident in their own operations.


    Clay Golem and Iron Golem Applicable Play


    Clay Golems have high life and persistent properties that slow opponents down considerably, it can play a powerful role in attacking act bosses in the early or mid-late game.


    Iron Golems choose a base material with aura to summon and inherit the aura on the gear. Different auras can bring different auxiliary effects to characters and teams. For example, Pride Iron Golem can provide the five-aura necromancer's Concentration Aura, which can improve the physical attack power of the team members. Players who mainly focus on group farms or pursue extreme five-aura gameplay can choose Iron Golem, but it is recommended to choose a lower-cost Insight before they have a certain strength. If there is no certain operation and survivability, the consumption will be very large.


    Clay golems and iron golems have their own features and advantages, which one do you choose now? The above is the information that MMOSO has organized for you, I hope it will be helpful to you. If you encounter tough bosses in Diablo 2 Resurrected, you can buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Items For Sale on MMOSO to quickly improve your abilities and defeat them.