Diablo 2 Resurrected: How To Get High-Level Runes - Farm Monste

  • There are many types of gear in Diablo 2 Resurrected, among which Runewords gear occupies a very important position in different stages. In addition to some cost-effective and low-cost rune words (such as Spirit, Insight, etc.), many high-level D2R Runewords gears can make qualitative changes to characters or mercenaries in specific gameplay, such as Enigma, Infinity, Grief, Fortitude, and more. Many players choose to Buy D2R Runes for better gears.


    For most D2 Resurrected players, it is very easy to make lower-level Runewords, as long as you know the base material requirements of the rune word, the required runes, and the inlay order of the runes, which is also suitable for beginner players. Since the large runes and corresponding substrates required for high-level Runewords are difficult to obtain, it requires players to invest more time.


    The drop probability of advanced runes also has certain rules, which are determined by many factors such as different types of monsters, difficulty scenes, and PP numbers, but the drop of runes has nothing to do with MF. If you get advanced runes, it's mainly your luck, and the character how much MF has nothing to do.


    Get High-Level Runes Areas


    The level bosses in each act of Hell Difficulty have a certain chance to drop advanced runes. The highest drop of Andariel is No. 28 (Lo), the highest drop of Duriel is No. 30 (Ber), and the highest drop of Mephisto is No. 32(Cham), The Diablo and Baal the highest can drop is No. 33(Zod). However, the use and value of runes 32 and 33 are not very high, and high-level runes mainly look at 28 to 31. Level boss due to killing efficiency reasons, mainly suitable for farm some gear, there is not enough number of kills is not easy to get large runes.


    There are some level 85 areas with a high number of monsters, such as The Pit in the Tamoe Highlands in Act 1, the Ancient Tunnels in Act 2, the Chaos Sanctuary in Act 4 (the area where Diablo is located), and the World Stone Keep in Act 5. It can drop all runes and unique gears. It is recommended to choose the most efficient character to farm the corresponding scenes.


    The Secret Cow Level in Act 1 has the advantage that the monster has a large base and can drop all runes, but many gears cannot be dropped due to the low level of monsters. However, here is the abundance of Runewords base material, it is still recommended to choose the most efficient characters to farm more.


    The Travincal's council members in Act 3, here is the level 82 scene, but also a lot of gears can not be dropped, but the advantage is that it is very close to the teleporting station, the output is single, a number of and dense, there is a high probability of dropping large runes, stack high fire resistance and a certain group farm ability of the character can be efficient speed to farm, such as the Blessed Hammer Paladin, Double Hot Paladin and so on.


    Farm Monsters To Get High-Level Runes  


    In addition, some well-known elite monsters can also be farmed more in the early stage, such as the Pindleskin in Act 5, which can drop a very variety of gears, and occasionally high-level runes will also drop.


    The countess that many players like to farm is actually only suitable for collecting some D2R Runes that are not very higher in the early stage. The countess can drop the highest rune is NO.28, and here a long way, kill the number and efficiency are difficult to reach a certain height, and the main purpose of farming her in the late game is to farm the key of Hellfire Torch.


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