IGVault Tips: How to Get Lost Ark Gold 2022

  • Lost Ark is about to become one of the biggest games on Steam. As it is an MMOARPG, you can expect different currencies in play. Lost Ark Gold is one of the rarer currencies required to trade or sell within the auction houses in Lost Ark. They can be converted into other currencies like royal crystals and blue crystals in exchange. In addition to that, it is also used to upgrade your gear and can be traded with players. So, here’s our guide on how to get gold in Lost Ark.

    Complete Una's Tasks

    In Lost Ark, players can complete sets of daily and weekly tasks known as Una's Tasks. This will net players currency known as Una's Tokens that can be used and converted into gold. Una's Tasks are among the fastest and most reliable ways for players to make some gold. The ability to complete Una's Tasks is locked until players reach level 50, and while this may seem like a long way away, the reward is worth the wait.

    One-Time Gold Sources

    There are many one-time gold sources available in Lost Ark. There are so many in fact that we aren’t going to list every quest that gives you gold. Here are some of the major categories you can explore to take advantage of the gold coin rewards:

    Rapport – Increasing Rapport with any NPCs will eventually grant you a one-time significant gold reward ranging from 200 gold to 2,700. There is a total of 23,800 gold available from Rapport NPCs if you do all of them.

    Guardian Quests – Each Guardian quest and Guardian Raid will grant you gold rewards the first time you complete them. Read more about Guardian Raids here.

    Guide Quests – The purple quests you get while leveling that show you tutorials of the game also have chances to provide gold rewards.

    Complete collection tasks

    We continue our Lost Ark gold farming guide with collection tasks. There are many different collectibles in Lost Ark. However, several of them are more expensive than they offer in the long run. The masterpieces are another thing to consider. Unfortunately, these are only found rather uncommonly throughout the game, although you may find some by following our tips.

    There are 38 unique masterpieces in Lost Ark. When you gather 20 of them, you’ll be rewarded with gold. 3,000 gold will be paid to you by Alfonso.

    He leaps another 5,000 gold at 30 masterpieces. If you manage to gather 34, there’s an additional 8,000, and if you’ve discovered all 38, Alfonso will give you another 13,000 gold.

    You may earn a total of 29,000 gold by finding all of the masterpieces. This is not a long-term source of money, though, so it’s not something you should count on.

    What masterpieces are within your grasp? If you stick to the game’s collecting activities, you’ll receive a lot of the great works that you’ve been looking for. If you want to go deeper into the game, exploration is probably your best bet.

    For each of the following tasks, you will get a masterpiece:

    You get two masterpieces for a total of 30 and 55 island tokens.

    Complete the Artist in Residence quest on Sunflower Island.

    Fill the Eastern Luterra Adventure Tome to 50%

    Fill Tortoyk Adventure Tomes to 50%

    Fill Anikka’s Adventure Tome 50% full

    Fill the North Vern Adventure Tome 50% full

    Fill Shushire Adventure Tomes to 40%

    Fill the Rohendel adventure tome to 40%

    Collect 24 World Tree Leaves in total

    Complete “The Light of Love” quest

    Complete level 25 in the tower

    Secret dungeons drop masterpiece loots

    For 10,000 Pirate Coins you can buy the Vernesian Science Vessel

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