Diablo 2 Resurrected Best Lightning Sorceress Build Guide - Ski

  • Lightning Sorceress is the most versatile Sorceress in Diablo 2 Resurrected and one of the most popular and strongest builds, she is known for her high damage output and mobility as the fastest Chaos Sanctuary clearing character in the game. In this guide, we will introduce the best Lightning Sorceress Build from the aspects of skills, gear, attributes, mercenaries, and more.


    Best Lightning Sorceress Build In D2R Ladder 


    Lightning Sorceress Skill Point Allocation


    1 point to all prerequisites


    20 points to Lightning


    20 points to Chain Lightning


    20 points to Lightning Mastery


    20 points to Charged Bolt


    20 points to Nova


    1 point to Teleport


    Lightning Sorceress Build Stats Points


    Strength: Enough points to be able to wear your gear.


    Dexterity: Enough points to wear your gear.


    Vitality: Put all your remaining stat points on it.


    Energy: Don’t put any points on it.


    Lightning Sorceress Best Gear


    The following D2R Items can be farmed in the game. If you want more items, MMOSO provides all cheap d2r ladder items for sale.


    Weapons: Heart of the Oak, Spirit


    Shield: Spirit, Rhyme


    Armor: Enigma, Chains of Honor


    Helm: Griffon's Eye Diadem, Harlequin Crest Shako


    Boots: Sandstorm Trek, War Traveler


    Belt: Arachnid Mesh, Verdungo's Hearty Cord


    Gloves: Trang-Ouls Claws, Magefist


    Rings: The Stone of Jordan, Sorceress Ring of Speed


    Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope, Sorceress Amulet of the Skiller


    Charms: Annihilus, Hellfire Torch, Gheed's Fortune


    Lightning Sorceress Mercenary


    When choosing Lightning Sorceress mercenaries, it is important to provide good crowd control. If your defense is already good, you can choose Act 2 Defiance Mercenaries, or Act 2 Holy Freeze Mercenaries. The endgame Lightning Sorceress builds almost always want to use the Runeword Infinity on their Act 2 mercenaries.


    Weapon: Infinity


    Body Armor: Fortitude


    Helm: Andariel's Visage


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