Why are most manufacturers of Love Dolls in Asia?

  • Asians have always researched Love Doll very deeply and are very particular about everything from modeling to originality, developing all materials related to realistic sex dolls in-house, such as studying the mechanism of bones, joints, and the composition of materials that become skin It's called TPE and takes product images inside.

    The main reasons for producing Sex Doll in Asia are as follows:

    perfect sex doll

    90% of the world's mannequins are produced in this region. That's two elements that mannequins use are Love Doll manufacturing techniques. It is in this mannequin industry that many sculptors and engravers have been trained.

    Another is the transfer of technology for making mannequin molds

    A lot of human resources from the low-profit mannequin industry went to TPE sex doll manufacturers, which caused many factories to scramble to buy them. Various manufacturers have also studied their formulas, and Japan has also developed silicon, but here TPE has realized its development. If it is used as a Love Doll skin like this, it will be consumed in large quantities, which is a big problem. trade. It has grown into an industry.

    In the rise and development of an industry, it is also a common practice to promote originality by accumulating the technology and capital cultivated by copying and singing as a veteran miniature sex doll maker with a casual look. Every year, many new factories are born, and many factories are eliminated due to competition. This is the current state of Sex Doll manufacturers.

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