You should get an investigate icon

  • Cooking ingredients are a mixed bag in Lost Ark Gold. You need to do all sorts of things to get them. Sometimes you just find them on the ground. Other times, you may need to craft them from several components or buy them for as much as one million silver coins. But whichever continent you’re trying to complete, you’ll need seven of them.

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    Despite being only the second continent in the game, don’t expect to complete your ingredients here without a challenge. Several of the items in Yudia need to be crafted after finding the ingredients while one needs you to gain the "trusted" level of Rapport with an NPC, which can take quite some time. But you’ll find all the help you need below.

    THEGAMER VIDEO OF THE DAY Age-old Encavian Wine – Sapira Cave Cooking Ingredient

    Fight through the first section of the Sapira Cave dungeon and slide down the slope. Move slightly north. The second Enhanced Wormfist you defeat will be just in front of a pile of boxes. Search the bag just in front of the boxes to find the "Hidden Encavian Liquor Bottle."

    Once you have it, head back to the Nomad Camp in Saland Hill and give the bottle to Cook Hella. She will fill it with wine for 1,400 silver. Claim it to receive your Age-old Encavian Wine.

    Natural Mungka Jerky – Saland Hill Cooking Ingredient

    In the very south of Saland Hill, head east from the Temporary Encampment into the next area that opens up. Stick to the south edge of the area and look for a tree with a bush just below it, next to a group of passive saltbugs. You should get an investigate icon and can safely pick up cheap Lost Ark Gold your Natural Mungka Jerky, which is simply added to your tome with a right-click in the inventory.