The Most Efficient Way to Making WOTLK Gold in World of Warcraf

  • The reason why WOW WOTLK Classic has made countless WOW fans excited is that it not only brings back the classic backstory and game mechanics. It also brings a series of functions and content improvements. If you want to be stronger and level up one step ahead of others in WOW WOTLK Classic, I think it is very important to choose a good career and strategy, but the more important factor is WoW Classic WLK Gold .

    Gold DKP Runs

    We had already reported several times in the Classic era that how important the gold DKP meta was on many classic servers and how grossly this meta has impacted gameplay and economy. Back then, there wasn’t a more efficient way to get gold than participating in a successful GDKP run in the current tier raids. The move of Orgrimmar and Co. to Shattrath hasn’t changed that on many servers. Even now you can bag several thousand pieces of gold per run with a relatively short investment of time. The real challenge is to get a place in such a GDKP run that can successfully lay the bosses and then have a little luck with the loot.


    Based on gold-making potential, we categorized professions into three:

    Ones with steady income

    Enchanting, alchemy, cooking, and jewel-crafting all fall under this category. These professions are crucial, especially jewel crafting and enchanting, because, throughout the expansion, players will always seek to upgrade their gear with the best enchant and jewels.

    Cooking and alchemy fall under the consumable category, which includes potions, food, elixirs, and stuff raiders need to get the most output. Another benefit of alchemy is the ability to transmute items, and an especially important one they do is turning rare gems into epic gems, which is useful to jewel crafters.

    Now, an important note about getting gold through your profession is looking for a niche and focusing on items with low supply or high demand. You don't want to start making items that every other person is making, as this will reduce your gold-making potential.

    Cyclical income professions

    These ones are the gear crafting professions such as tailoring, blacksmithing, and leatherworking. They are important for when new raids drop new raids introduce new patterns that contain recipes for binder-equipped items like the Pattern: Belt of Arctic Life. So getting these patterns at the start will make you a lot of gold. However, the value and potential diminish as time goes on as more and more players acquire those items. In addition, tailors can make bags that every player wants, and blacksmiths can add gem sockets to belts and bracers.

    Short-term income professions

    Herbalism and Inscription fall under this category. Although herbalism can easily be added to the first category of steady income makers, there is a period where its value will be high. That's because it's tied to the inscription profession.

    Inscription is the brand new profession that'll be introduced into Wrath Classic, and it will be a valuable one right at the start of the expansion because of the glyphs it produces and the Darkmoon cards.

    Glyphs are very similar to enchants and jewels, but I like those. They are bound to characters instead of gears. This means it'll be a very valuable profession at the start as players move to gather glyphs for their different characters. And, of course, the demand will go down as time goes by.

    “Stock speculation” at the auction house

    Players can use the market price of different items in the auction house to earn the difference, but this is a way of coexisting risks and benefits, and there will be great losses if you are not careful.

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