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  • Fans can pre-order wow tbc gold the game via The Blizzard Gear Store Z-man Games and Target.WoW: WoW TBC' Sanctum Of Domination Raid finally cleared in Mythic Difficulty. But It's Not Completely Without Drama!

    World of Warcraft : WoW TBC The latest raid, called the Sanctum Of Domination is now removed from its Mythic difficulty following a fierce first-of-its-kind race between the most prestigious guilds in the past week.

    The award were given to European guild Echo and they defeated the raid's last leader, Sylvanas Windrunner, after 4 days of 176 attempts and had zero deaths in their final effort as well according to Icy Veins.

    For a time, the race was tied with Echo with the guild Complexity-Limit However, Echo did manage to win the win, despite having to take an overnight break. You can watch the final moments of the race in the Twitch video below.

    Echo even required a bit of supernatural intervention of Blizzard itself. One of the guild's first Sylvanas strategies was to have one player tank an extra opponent that was the Mawforged Colossus to let everyone else in the guild to avoid the Colossus and concentrate on taking down Sylvanas as quickly as they could.

    In the ideal scenario, this would allow Echo to avoid the boss's enrage mechanism and result in Sylvanas producing significant damage.

    For Echo, Blizzard hotfixed the battle mid-way through by modifying it so that the Mawforged Colossus comes with an Enrage timer which starts as soon as Sylvanas is able to be targeted and capable of buy WOW TBC Classic Gold eliminating the tank in one shot and completely destroying the entire raid.