I'll address these two queries in chronological order

  • I'll address these wow tbc gold two queries in chronological order. I'm not going to go into the details about BlizzCon's financials. BlizzCon however let's affirm that we aren't doing it just to make money. It's a huge amount of dollars to put on a convention such as this and we do it for the joy of the process of putting on this event for our fans each year.

    It's an absolute joy for us to share everything that's amazing and amazing about our games and our worlds with fans and gamers in an experience that's difficult to imagine.

    As employees of the company, the custodians of the universe we have a huge obligation and obligation to our players and to our fans. Engaging in conversation with the players on the court and having the opportunity to chat with them, and drink with them in hotel lobby after hours, and such is an incredible source of energy for us.

    At the end of the weekend, we'll be exhausted and exhausted. We'll feel so exhausted and energized at the same at the same time. We'll feel so exhausted in the morning on Sunday Then on Monday morning we'll feel more enthusiastic and more eager than ever before to go back to work and carry on doing the things we love because we'll all feel the most overwhelming feeling of buy WOW TBC Classic Gold obligation to our community to fulfill our commitments to them every day.