Yesterday we made contact with the designers

  • "117," the OSRS gold Runelite HD creator "117" published to Reddit Tuesday sharing a message that he received from Jagex and was later displayed by using Jagex in the agency's own blog post. Runelite HD operates as a plugin that has the potential to deliver an massive visual overhaul of the top of Runescape, as may be seen via 117's Twitter. Moderator 117 stated that they've been working for around 2,000 hours during the last few years working on Runelite HD.

    "Yesterday we made contact with the designers of recognized HD initiatives and asked the developers to prevent any further improvement in their efforts because it is an issue we're studying," Jagex stated.

    Jagex addressed 117 with the news that it was working on an HD representation that was based on Old School Runescape turned into "nevertheless particularly early within the exploring stages" but "very extensive in the development."

    "Naturally that means any challenge that is led by fans and tries to trade the manner Old School RuneScape plays is not in line with our plan," Jagex wrote to 117. "We believe it's crucial to have continuity within the way Old School seems, and so we need to ensure that our changes to the game's professional model will be the most effective ones that can be had.

    I hope that the news that Jagex along with the Old School group are tackling this issue in a serious manner is some thing that excites you, but it does imply that buy OSRS GP we want to gently ask you to close your non-public challenge."