And then it has its own unique innovation

  • Fergusson A. Fergusson think it's D2R Items hilarious. There's sometimes perception is reality, but when we discuss Diablo 4 being the culmination of the franchise, that's because it is trying to honor the past.

    Therefore, when looking at what's included in Diablo 4. I like to use the formula that feels it's the dark tone that was present in Diablo 1. it's the development to Diablo 2. It's an intense combat experience that's visceral to Diablo.

    And then it has its own unique innovation in Diablo 4 with the shared open world and all of the things we have discussed in relation to the player's choice. One of the things that I talked about when comparing Diablo 4 between Diablo 4 and Diablo 2 is different is the idea of what's inherent to your character, and what's intrinsic to your equipment. It's not about changing your outfit to modify your build.

    But I also think as part of that is because some gamers felt Diablo might have been a little brighter than the other two entries. That, in a few ways, was what made Diablo more accessible because over 65 million people are playing it. It's like, "Oh, it doesn't feel D1 or D2. And 65 million people played it--this is a good game to play."

    It's the reason we discuss "return back to darkness" I'm of the idea that we're honoring the old times about what you desire to see displayed as a cult , classic sound in giving ourselves permission to go more dark. I'm certain that some people will to be a little bit shocked when they go to D4. When they first see the cutscenes start to play, you're thinking "Oh, they meant it cheap D2R Ladder Items when they mentioned returning in darkness."