A lack of barriers to entry will mean

  • Immortal just launched, which is D2R Items our largest free-toplay mobile game. Immortal will be able to reach lot more players; reaching those 3 billion gamers who maybe only play on mobile. And so having that free-to-play mobile app available where they are.

    A lack of barriers to entry will mean that a lot of people are going to get to experience Diablo. Of course, we'll have Diablo 4 coming really soon and it's the cherry of that delicious sundae. We're excited about that feeling of the return to the dark side that Diablo 4 represents.

    And Joe in your role as Director of Diablo 4it is a building of momentum, and now you're the next step in the two-way punch of Diablo coming back. How has it been to realize that you're in charge and is it a lot of pressure; how are you dealing with that?

    Joe Shely: Well, it's been a blast creating the game and sharing the game with you. I'm always thinking "Okay Don't talk about the Necromancer. There's no time to talk about the Necromancer but." This is why I'm so happy to be able to discuss the Necromancer.

    But it's a really exciting time for Diablo. It's a world that Diablo 4 is this vast huge open world. Your character is created and you're directly entering the world. It's not a matter of creating games individually. You're living in this space and traveling through it to gain access to the dungeons. It's Diablo the way that's meant for it to be played.

    The Necromancer, obviously a character that has a legacy to it, however I'm guessing that the majority of fans are going to be hoping to see something completely new and not a returning character. What was the thought process for bringing back the Necromancer? Rather than, "Here's buy diablo 2 resurrected items something that no previously seen has been experienced before?"