Lost Ark: Distorted Island Mokoko Seed Locations

  • Mokoko Seeds can be hard to locate in Lost Ark. Here are the locations of Mokoko Seeds around the Distorted Island.

    Mokoko Seeds can be challenging and tedious to find in Lost Ark, especially because of the sheer quantity of them scattered around the game's world. There are 1,250 Mokoko Seeds hidden throughout Lost Ark that will help you gain rewards to boost your gameplay.

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    There are just 3 Mokoko Seeds on Distorted Island, but they're worth grabbing. Once you're through this guide, you will be 3 seeds nearer to the next reward.

    First Seed

    The first seed you'll find around the beach behind an upside-down wooden boat. It is going to be nestled between two trees within the brush next to the rock wall.

    Unfortunately, the map is going to be unavailable in this region, however, it's a small area. It really should not be too difficult to discover how to get these seeds.

    Second Seed

    From the very first seed, you'll head up within the area. Once you get to the gate, the 2nd seed is going to be hidden within the brush around the right side while watching the closed side from the gate.

    Third Seed

    The next location will be around the edge of the woods. You will head using that gate in which you found the 2nd seed. Heading straight for the cluster of blue butterflies, you'll veer for your right and stick to the path upwards.

    Stop right before the glowing orange light within the archway for your left. To your right, you will discover the last seed right before the trees inside a bush.

    Mokoko Seed Rewards

    For every 50 seeds you discover, the Mokoko Seed rewards are desirable.

    50: Totoma Card

    100: Kindness Potion

    150: Stronghold Crew Application Form: Chicachica

    200: Vitality Increase Potion

    250: Crew Application Form: Cocorico

    300: Stat Increase Potion

    350: Mokamoka Card

    400: Paradise's Knight License

    450: 15 Eurus Blueprint

    500: Stronghold Crew Application Form: Mukomuko

    550: 3 Shy Wind Flower Pollen

    600: 20 Eurus Blueprint

    650: Crew Application Form: Poipoi

    700: Title "Mokoko Hunter"

    750: Structure: Mokoko Seed Monument

    800: Transform: Egg of Creation

    850: Stronghold Crew Application Form: Kind Paruru

    900: Wallpaper: Mokoko Village

    950: Masterpiece #32

    1000: Ship Skin: Blooming Eurus

    1050: Crew Application Form: Narinari

    1100: Title "Nice Smelling"

    1150: Masterpiece #44

    1200: Transformation: Mokoko Seed

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