Lost Ark: What Are Disorder Crystals & How To Get Them

  • Disorder Crystals are a powerful currency in Lost Ark. Here's the best way to find and employ it.

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    Silver may be the main currency hanging around, but it is not the only currency contained in the entirety of Lost Ark. Disorder Crystals will also be considered currency and may be used to get several items.

    What Are Disorder Crystals

    Disorder Crystals are a currency only in one area hanging around. Going to the Chaos Dungeon Vendor will help you to use this currency. Located in Vern Castle, southeast of the Chaos Statue. From this vendor, an accumulation of goods can be purchased.

    Obtaining Disorder Crystals

    Getting these crystals requires seeing a Chaos Dungeon. Unlocking Chaos Dungeons requires completing the 'Earl's Request' quest in North Vern, which requires any player wanting to access Chaos Dungeons to become level 50.

    Getting right into a dungeon also requires resonance. Players at 6:00 AM server time are going to be rewarded with 100 resonance, a currency that's purpose is to buy into Chaos Dungeons. It costs 50 resonance per dungeon, giving two possibilities to get Disorder Crystals daily. Technically, you can still go right into a dungeon with 0 resonance. The rewards are going to be very lackluster over a dungeon entered for 50 resonance, though.

    For whenever a player is left with 50 or even more resonance at the end of the day [server time], they are going to be rewarded with a 10 Rest Bonus. This can be employed to get more loot from dungeons, in addition, to helping players who've been offline for quite a while. Each 10 Rest Bonus yields 0.5x more loot than one with no Rest Bonus.

    Going into any Chaos Dungeon and fighting with the enemies includes a chance to provide you with disorder crystals. Dungeons could be challenged on your own or with as many as three other players. To find out what such a dungeon will provide you with, there is a panel around the selection screen for just about any Chaos Dungeon that shows what's able to obtain from that dungeon. There are three tiers of Chaos Dungeons, with varying levels within those tiers. Only tier-one dungeons can give disorder crystals.

    What To Do With Disorder Crystals

    Since Disorder Crystals are a type of currency, items can be purchased from them. The shop provides a variety of goods that could be obtained. The items derive from what tier of Chaos Dungeon you entered, some not being in a position to purchase from entering tier one Chaos Dungeons because of the exclusive currencies of every tier.

    Here's what's open to purchasing with Disorder Crystals:

    Harmony Leapstones

    Harmony Shards

    Engraving Books

    Stone Fragments


    Each of those items could be used in several ways, with jewelry getting the possibility to become rare completely up to legendary. The other tiers as well as their exclusive currency may have more to purchase.