Lost Ark: Fantasm Island Mokoko Seed Locations

  • If you're looking for all from the Mokoko Seeds on Lost Ark's Fantasm Island, this informative guide can help.

    You're playing Lost Ark and therefore are short several Mokoko Seeds for the following reward. Or maybe you're just beginning your trip to find all 1,250 seeds. This is a large number of Seeds to gather, but they're well worth the effort.

    Finding every Mokoko Seed can be quite difficult, and almost necessitates helpful information. After this informative guide, you'll have traveled all over Fantasm Island and become 4 seeds nearer to your goal reward.

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    First Seed

    Fantasm Island includes 3 different islands. This first seed is going to be on the island furthest left. It is going to be located close to the left blue arrow around the map. You will notice it close to the ledge from the island, in the certain brush.

    Second Seed

    Head towards the island furthest towards the north and for the northern tip right before the fishing symbol around the map. You will head down a brush-covered hidden path and enter a temple area with dim light.

    You will head in the staircase straight ahead before reaching a statue. The seed is going to be in the grass from the stone wall behind the statue.

    Third Seed

    Staying within the same area because the second seed goes up towards the front from the statue in the middle of this temple. You must take part in the Song of Resonance in the statue to unlock the following area.

    Walk over towards the glowing yellow area which was under the statue, and you'll enter the following part from the temple. Running left and straight, you will observe a seed sitting around the steps.

    Fourth Seed

    The fourth seed is going to be up the stairs you found the 3rd one on. You will then run towards the fireplace on your right and also the seed is going to be resting around the ledge from it.


    As you may be aware, you will find over a dozen rewards you receive for every 50 Mokoko seeds you discover including:

    50: Totoma Card

    100: Kindness Potion

    150: Stronghold Crew Application Form: Chicachica

    200: Vitality Increase Potion

    250: Crew Application Form: Cocorico

    300: Stat Increase Potion

    350: Mokamoka Card

    400: Paradise's Knight License

    450: 15 Eurus Blueprint

    500: Stronghold Crew Application Form: Mukomuko

    550: 3 Shy Wind Flower Pollen

    600: 20 Eurus Blueprint

    650: Crew Application Form: Poipoi

    700: Title "Mokoko Hunter"

    750: Structure: Mokoko Seed Monument

    800: Transform: Egg of Creation

    850: Stronghold Crew Application Form: Kind Paruru

    900: Wallpaper: Mokoko Village

    950: Masterpiece #32

    1000: Ship Skin: Blooming Eurus

    1050: Crew Application Form: Narinari

    1100: Title "Nice Smelling"

    1150: Masterpiece #44

    1200: Transformation: Mokoko Seed

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