Lost Ark Guide: More Things You Need to Know about Silver

  • Today we'll talk about sliver, which is not simple to get. This Cauttyh guide may have a lot of useful content. Don't miss it.

    The very first thing about silver is you do your dailies. Silver may be the daily tax, which is designed to be sure you log in daily and take part in the game. However, several things will help you create a little bit more about weekly resets to assist you.

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    Do Lopang

    The very first thing is the most fundamental: do Lopang. But the secret not to being down horrific on silver does your Lopang slave Chaos dungeons. Doing chaos dungeons isn't the hottest take, but obviously, there are plenty of people beginning to do their Chaos under Lopang.

    However, this is some information to understand. Silver doesn't raise proportionally as other currencies do: shards increase every time you increase in the chaos dungeon. Silver does too, although not as much. But there's a sweet spot here in which you get a significant boost.

    According to the following pic, you can see that between 1400 -1415, there's a significant boost. But the chaos dungeons in 1445 - 1475 often give you relatively the same amount of silver.

    The thing is the fact that from 1415 to 1520, there's no massive difference inside your actual silver acquisition. So for the Lopang silver, it's wise to push them past 1415, so you can obtain a little boost of silver. Because beyond that, you're earning the same silver at 1415 or 1520, which is extremely toxic.

    There is a thing that blocks you, and it'll be South Vern. Whether you need to run South Vern, is up to you. But the fact is you are earning the same amount of silver in 1520 when you are in 1415. I think it's pretty worthwhile because you are making about a 10k boost in your silver from 1370 to 1415. This is for running a couple of your chaos dungeons.

    And in addition, if you are doing it fully rested, which many players do, there's about 20k extra silver for the chaos dungeons, which is quite a bit when you're managing a bunch of characters over a long period.

    Do Your Cubes

    The second thing is the fact that does your cubes. Doing cubes is a massive supply of silver. I always do them as 3X because it's worthwhile. The main source comes from these chests after every week in your main six. Usually, a good thing you could spend your Sylmael Bloodstone on is these chests: the Yorn Entrance Boxes and also Punika Boxes. There are useful methods for getting silver out of your characters, you could not worry about:

    1. Chests: this is once per roster. You're able to get yourself a DVD chest every week. Do not buy them in your main six, and you will buy them in your Lopang slaves who are never doing anything like ticket related ever. And in addition, purchase the lower-level boxes. You can do your guild donations every day on all your characters. It might not be very pleasant, however, these boxes are worth a lot of silver. You can buy all of the T1, T2, and T3 as much as you can get on all your Lopang slaves since you're never going to run their tickets. You can just open these chests since you want silver from their store. T1 can provide you with up to 75k along with a distance rising from every chest.

    If you have many Lopang characters within the same realm in which you just want the silver, you get making a large amount of silver on every reset. So simply have a couple of Lopang slaves that you are done your donations on through the week.

    2. Special mission: most players won't run their chaos mission simply because they have no time, however, your special mission shouldn't be empty. It should continually be running. And you should every day a minimum of be collecting two teams of rewards from this.

    Make sure you're delivering your cubes; be sure you're delivering your chaos; be sure you're always sending something out since you're going to have a lot of tickets for a couple of different things in your Lopang slaves or into cases whatever it can make sure you're using this resource.

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