Old School RuneScape: Soul Wars

  • Old School RuneScape finally launched a PvP mode, where 120 players will perform exciting kills with the support of the character Nomad. This model comes from the warrior mage of the original mini-game released more than ten years ago. In this mode, we can fight as much as possible. According to the number of enemies we kill, we will get victory points that can be used to exchange for some major rewards in the game. Yes, he is Soul Wars.

    Since Soul Wars first appeared in RuneScape in 2009, it has been nearly 10 years old. When he was nominated, there were already 50,000 players participating. More than 40,000 players wanted him to be a part of Old School RuneScape. The discussion on this classic old game in the community was very welcome. Coincidentally, the launch of this model coincided with the 20th anniversary of RuneScape. There is no doubt that for players, Soul Wars can not only provide a sense of nostalgia but also attract players who want PvP.

    Each Soul Wars game will last 10 minutes, and you will have a soul hunting battle with another team in Edgeville or Ferox Enclave Dungeon. Of course, you must ensure that the total combat effectiveness of your team of 10 or more is above 500, so if your combat effectiveness should be maintained above 40. Then find Nomad in the abandoned tomb in the southwest of the bank, complete a tutorial, enter the lobby and wait for enough people, and then fight.

    Frenzy hotspots are the currency in Soul Wars. Winning the game will increase your points by 20%. The points will be used to replace loot, and you have the opportunity to get a non-sale item: Little Creator. An ionizer is a tool for gaining experience. The prayer bonus of the soul cloak is good, but it requires more points. Go and kill your opponent, capture the graveyard, and bury the bones! If you want to buy RS Gold to improve your combat effectiveness, rsgoldbuy.com will be your best choice. Let's see you in the soul!