RuneScape - Complete it on the Barbarian course

  • So i saw a frnd of mine today, who's 88 cb like me. He's got claws. Barrows, ags, etc.. And for RS gold goodness's sake, he donated 60m to a frnd earlier in the day. He informed me that his entire collection was created out of bandos Gwd along with random individuals he meets there. I'm looking for advice as well as tips for gear and all that. Are there any prerequisites for gwd? These are my stats. I plan on meleeing.

    I put 20k into wildy this morning, and got 800k in loot. But I'd rather the gear wont exceed 2mil. To be honest , your may be a little short to go to Bandos and wait until you have at least 80+ each combat stat. ik, but my buddy has nearly the same stats like me.. and i really would like to play it. As a level 134 player myself experienced player, I can tell you that you'll end up getting beaten and lost no matter where you travel.

    Definately do Eadgars Ruse, for Trollheim Teleport. Seriously, get at least 70 defence and prepare to be destroyed within five minutes of logging in every time, every world and every team. hmm, il lvl def for torags...

    There is no way to understand why, if tht was the case, my frnd wudn't have been able to get that kind of money. Did you think that your friend lied? LOOL and so true. Did this friend perhaps say what her combat experience was to earn all that money? This is the most common answer to the 3.

    I know most of those Agility- Complete it on the Barbarian course until you reach level 52, then do The wilderness route. Food should consist of 3 high-agility pies and some tuna. Be sure to wear a spottier cape that is spotted. Another option is fishing for cheap OSRS gold salmon, flying trout, and sturgeon.