The Shiny Eiscue event has become Now Live in Pokemon Sword and


    The new special Max Raid event for Pokemon Sword and Shield is underway. To celebrate World Penguin Day, until April 25, the penguin Pokemon Eiscue will be in the Max Raid battle from the Wild Area, the Isle of armor, plus the Crown Tundra. You may even have a possible opportunity to find a Shiny variant.

    Eiscue is often one of the exclusive versions of Pokemon available only in Pokemon Shield, but throughout the entire event, it will be in Max Raids of both games. You may also encounter Shiny Eiscue inside the five-star Max Raids, however, its appearance rates are very low, if you want to catch a Raid, you must persevere and check as many Raids as you possibly can. Fortunately, the website provides Cheap Shiny Eiscue and 6 IV Shiny Pokemon, you can buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon on it.

    The Eiscue Max Raid event lasts until April 25th. Before engaged in this event, you should refresh the Max Raid dens. You can do this by connecting towards the game online through Y-Comm, or selecting Get the Wild Area News on the Mystery Gift menu.

    Some new Pokemon games will probably be launched soon. The new Pokemon Snap could be the long-awaited follow-up version in the N64 Pokemon derivative, which will probably be released on Nintendo Switch on April 30. Nintendo recently shared a long overview with the game to realize a deeper idea of its environment and new mechanics.

    After that, the remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are scheduled to be launched for the Switch in the second half of 2021. Unlike other Pokemon replicas, they may be still very faithful towards the original, concentrating on the same chibi painting style and top-down perspective as the classic DS games. Shiny Pokemon For Sale on legal site PKMBuy, welcome touch us to Buy Pokemon Sword and Shield anytime.