Most Pokemon Still Not In Sword & Shield


    Every time the DLC is expanded, Pokemon Sword and Shield has steadily added missing Pokemon species inside the game, however still lacks many favorites.

    The eighth-generation game Pokemon Sword and Shield made many controversial decisions. Although adding some content, for example expanding the Galar area with DLC, is often a fun method to improve the final game content of Pokémon, additional options are not that exciting.

    One of the most extremely frustrating reduction measures was to remove the entire country's Pokemon from Pokemon Sword and Shield. PKMBuy provides Shiny Pokemon, players often Cheap Buy Shiny Pokemon on it. Currently, there is a total of 893 different official species inside the Pokemon series. Even after the 2 main DLC expansions were released, the Gela region still lacks 232 species.

    Sword and Shield still lack one of the biggest disappointments about Pokemon, that many of them are popular entry species from previous regions. Introductory Pokemon is often loved by fans because they are the first companions who become good friends when they enter a certain area.

    Although some designs might be a bit silly, like the frog Pokemon Foakie from Kalos, or the little fire pig Pokmon Tepig from Unova, these special entry works are coveted by fans with the series, and collecting the full set of products from various regions can be a common goal for many players. Also, they like to buy Pokemon Sword and Shield and 6 IV Shiny Pokemon.

    Currently, players can find starters inside Kanto, Hoenn, and Alora regions, however, there is no news yet to view whether the remaining Pokemon starters can be employed in Sword and Shield from the future.