WoW TBC Classic: BG waiting time that is longed for.

  • At 9:30 a.m. on July 12, 2021, Blizzard made some attempts on World of Warcraft Classic Battlefield: The Burning Crusade: For the first time, Horde players can play against Horde players. This test is to solve the contradictory problem of poor player experience. It is for the players and also for Blizzard. The developers are fully prepared for this in advance. Hope this test can be completed perfectly.  I have to say that the players are very lucky because most players choose Buy TBC WOW Classic Gold For Sale from the website. It is safe and has not been affected. Now the developer has commented on the test and said: There will be another round of testing!

    In the test in early July, Blizzard made some unprecedented new attempts in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade classic battlefield: For the first time, Horde players were allowed to fight with Horde players in Warsong Canyon. The first attempt was to let the game develop. The designer needs to understand the complete process of the game. Result: I waited 1 hour for the BG game for no reason. A few seconds later, he was invited to raise his hand.  Sometimes you have to wait longer to participate in arena games. This makes the battle of honor even more interesting!
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    The fun of this sport only lasted a short time. The player needs to change the ID, and the match will continue to be reset to its normal configuration. The waiting time of the battlefield game has returned to the old level, which makes many players' motivation for PvP drop again. For Blizzard developers, regardless of the situation, the designer must first find a way. A timely solution can alleviate the player's irritable psychology. At the same time as the test, there were a large number of spectators and players on the scene. Especially players who have already chosen Buy WOW TBC Gold to attach great importance to this test. This is exactly what Blizzard said on the official World of Warcraft forum over the weekend. The following are the main findings:

    Before the quality, many players have arranged but will not participate in PvP games. For example, because the waiting time exceeds one hour, they will leave the queue during this period. During the quality period, the waiting time of the battlefield game is significantly reduced, and both factions can use timely invitations more reliably. As part of the quiz, Blizzard wanted to know whether the adjustment of the queue would also affect PvP in the perspective world. Result: During the test period, almost half of the PvP deaths on the planet went to your alliance, and the other half went to the tribe. When the tribe meets Allianz, the probability of winning or losing on the battlefield may also be 50/50. There should be another test. Further analysis will determine the adjustment content with the upcoming test.