The redefined Pokemon image.

  • Godzilla and other MonsterVerse creatures are reduced and reimagined as Pokémon. An artist has been doing this in a way that seems both incredible and believable. Many online artists will provide their own Fakemon based on pop culture works, but Godzilla and his awesome friends seem to be born to become Pokémon. Although the creation of Godzilla and Pokémon is 42 years apart, time is not a big issue.

    Godzilla is a media franchise of a certain country. Its target is large monsters called kaiju, which strive to destroy different cities around the world. The MonsterVerse world is attacked by various monsters, and Godzilla is usually the defender of mankind. Pokémon animated movies follow a similar plot, where a very powerful legendary monster threatens good humans, and other legendary Pokémon join the battle to protect lower humans. The website provides comprehensive services for players, the most famous of which is Buy Shiny 6IV Pokemon. However, the villain in Godzilla usually finds himself dead, and Pokémon finds a peaceful way to solve its problem.

    Instagram user and Fakemon creator RJ Palmer recreated Godzilla and friends as Pokémon. In a recent article, Palmer reshaped the images of Godzilla, Mecha Godzilla, Biollante, and Gigan in a series of Fakemon she called Gojimon. Although Palmer's designs look incredible, they look almost like monsters in real Pokémon games that may sometimes be. Mechagodzilla is indeed very similar to Gen 8 Duraldon. The opposite design is unique and needs to be made into an animated 3D model.

    These four designs are not something RJ Palmer can give to fans of Pokémon and Godzilla. They are just a few of a very smooth series produced by Palmer. Other MonsterVerse creatures rebuilt by Palmer include Mothra, King Gidola, and a series of new Godzilla Pokémon. If this design is realized, I believe there will be a large number of fans buying it. Just like players like Buy Shiny 6IV Pokemon. Some characters look unlovable, but being made into Pokemon images will inexplicably increase the sense of joy.

    I Hope Plamer will continue this series. Because there are many other MonsterVerse characters. Perhaps soon, the character that players are looking forward to will become a Pokémon. Personally, it would be great to check the MUTO evolution line or possibly the reproduction of Hedorah. It's really fun to imagine what a Pokémon game with Godzilla as the theme will play. It's also painful not to get Palmer's design when launching Pokémon: Sword and Shield. Maybe Crown Tundra should summon large sea creatures to protect the frozen wasteland of the upcoming Pokémon DLC.