Will Xiaozhi and Serena in Pokemon get married?

  • Although we have seen many characters and relationships in Pokémon anime, events in XY&Z may change Pokémon's charismatic hero Ash Ketchum. During the XY&Z incident, Xiaozhi traveled with Clermont, Bonnie, and Serena. They explored the Carlos area. However, the relationship between Xiaozhi and Serena needs a romantic change. This may be the need for the plot setting. The protagonist of Pokémon, Ash Ketchum, may love Serena because of the anime XY&Z incident. Xiaozhi slowly began to think of Serena instead of friendship.

    Ash and Serena's relationship mainly started from one side. Selena met Xiaozhi for the first time in Professor Oak's Pokémon camp. After Serena accidentally fell, Ash lent her a handkerchief to protect her knees. Serena kept the handkerchief for a long time, hoping to have the opportunity to bring it back to him. Perhaps this was a foreshadowing setting when we first met. For players who like these two roles, this is something to be congratulated. Naughty players will also choose Buy Shiny 6IV Pokemon from mmoso.com to send blessings. When she saw him on TV one night at the beginning of the Pokémon XY animation, she had a hunch that she would meet with Ash in the future.

    Xiaozhi and Serena become very close during their adventure in the Pokémon Carlos area. Although Xiaozhi seemed to turn a blind eye to Serena's feelings, Xiaozhi found that his feelings for Serena were deepening. Love is not an easy thing to control. In the following plot, Xiaozhi begins to have personal feelings for Serena. Even in the 59th episode of Pokémon XY, when both of them were beside the oath tree, they gave her a gift of her own. The gift he gave her was a special blue ribbon, and they would wear it in her clothes for the rest of XY&Z at the beginning of episode 60.

    Although Serena has not returned in recent seasons, Pokémon fans still hope that the relationship between her and Xiaozhi will be re-examined in anime or movie episodes later. The plot does not imply a solution, and it is difficult to convey the future of Xiaozhi and Serena. Because Pokémon animation usually doesn't make key characters old, and it doesn't cover the effects you have received as they grow up. Players who are satisfied with their curiosity in the future will choose Buy 6IV Shiny Ditto to deepen their association with game characters. However, Pokémon fans always have the opportunity to see Serena again in future guest shows and hope to increase the relationship between her and Xiaozhi.