Pikachu evolved during the Pokemon Tour.

  • After the 23 seasons aired on TV, we got along for a long time. The core duo of the Pokémon series is inseparable. The protagonist in the story met in 1997, and Pikachu decided to develop again in the first season of the difficult defeat with Vermillion City Gym, which is a decisive sign of their vitality since then. The game is back again, which is very happy for the nostalgic players. Veteran players will continue to choose Buy Shiny Pokemon from the mmoso.com website. The latest news reports that Ash Ketchum's stubborn Pikachu may eventually evolve into Raichu in the upcoming anime TV show Pokémon Journey.

    The Pokémon Journey spans the entire region of the Pokémon World, and the pair travels through familiar regions and strives to achieve their goals. TV has now returned to TV. But now it has changed a little. The established Pokémon has changed. For some fans, they have been uneasy about trivial things since the art style. It may be shocking to evolve Pikachu, who is known for stubbornness. Pikachu inspires groups of young people to refuse to use their personal in the game. The copy evolves.

    Although I am a little skeptical that the word Thunderstone is in quotation marks, it is not too absurd to discover that the Pokémon journey eventually evolved into Xiaozhi's Pikachu. Compared with the previous animation iteration, the series has become a different direction, especially since the popularity of Xiaozhi's Pikachu these days has declined. Players will continue to choose Buy Shiny 6IV Pokemon for the role they have in mind. Between the detective Pikachu, the strange moment when Pikachu speaks in the movie Pokémon: I choose you! And the debut of Netflix's Super Dream Remake Super Dream Strikes Back is lackluster, and Xiaozhi's Pikachu may be renamed.

    Suppose we find out that Goh will receive his or her own Pikachu, which will replace Ash's Pikachu as the Pikachu in the group. With considerable advantages, Pikachu is still the most popular and branded Pokémon in the series, and yes, it would be unwise for the animation to completely cancel this type of recognition. In addition, Thunderstone's prompts are fake or suspicious at best, which can be easily faked. In any case, some fans will be upset after the experience. If the hypothetical idea becomes a reality. The writer of Pokémon Journey may need to think about the harm caused by this.